Tomb Raider The Live Experience will open its doors in 2022 New details and images

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The cradle of life is a journey movie of 2003 directed by Jan de Bont and also starring Actress Angelina Jolie on the duty of Lara Croft. It is the 2nd film bRaidered on the prominent series of video game Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider: The Live Experience will open its doors next year 2022 at London, England. With tickets already available for your reservation At a price of 77 pounds (about 90 euros), this real experience bRaidered on Lara Croft’s popular video game saga will seek to immerse the explorers’ lovers in environments that recreate scenarios seen in the works of her. We can already see new images of this species of theme park.

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According to Atlanta Collider, Tomb Raider: The Live Experience will include the Croft mansion, ancient tombs, sunken boats in the jungle of Costa Rica and much more. These conceptual arts serve to get an idea of ​​what we can expect from the site, whose dimensions are right now unknown; But they point to a high degree of fidelity and with three-dimensional details.

For example, there will be Rocódromos to climb, Liana for balancing and soils with obstacles to those who overcome. All these activities will favor the enjoyment and feeling of feeling there, amid the tests that have accompanied Lara Croft along a multitude of video games and cinematographic appointments.

Tomb Raider: The Live Experience is shown in conceptual arts; Entries already available

Square Enix wants to exploit the Tomb Raider license to the fullest. After the cinematographic reboot starring Alicia Bikaner and the latest video games of Crystal Dynamics and Lidos Montreal, the Vigesimoquinth Anniversary of the character will be held over at all times of 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic is hampering the development of Tomb Raider: The Live Experience, but if everything goes well, it will be a matter of months until it opens its doors definitively in the English city; Specifically in the area of ​​ Stables Market, one of the most central and commercial areRaider of the heart of London.

The future of Lara Croft in video games is right now unknown. Lidos Montreal hRaider just published Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy; While Crystal Dynamics hRaider been immersed at Marvel’s Avengers. After the compilation of the modern Tomb Raider trilogy, the next adventures of Lara Croft in the sector that wRaider born are still to be revealed.

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