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Mass Result: Andromeda is a Third Person-RPG capturing computer game developed by Bioware Montreal as well as edited by Electronic Arts, released in March 2017 on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Although component of the series of Bioware Mass Impact Gaming, The Background of Mass Result: Andromeda takes place 600 years after that of the original trilogy, in the Andromeda Galaxy whose game draws its name, and also does not have a straight relationship with history of the initial trilogy.

You’re looking for recommendations for Netflix series that you can watch over the holidays? Mango Chief Editor Day Minkowski you compiled a list of eight new Netflix series, which appeared in 2021, and they handcuffed to the bed.

You can expect here a list of personal series recommendations on Netflix. The 8 series are (almost) all newly appeared in 2021 and have never left me.

The recommendations are of course free of spoilers.

Sweet Tooth


Civilization as we know it is falling apart. The culprit is an uncontrollable disease. At the same time as the disease came, the mysterious hybrids were born: hybrids of humans and animals.

But as mankind is now times, so it will respond with hatred and fear to these new beings and preying on them. We follow the good-hearted Hart boys Gus, who goes out on a dangerous journey.

The fact that a disease is bringing humanity to the brink of extinction, is first not a new scenario. The mystery fascinates me about the hybrids children in Sweet Tooth.

Especially revealing the backgrounds triggers the big suspense. Where do the hybrids children come from? Why are they so hated? What ultimately led to the disintegration of mankind? Where the deer-boy Gus really come from?

As one can infer from the trailer, the series is not nearly as bleak as the scenario sounds.

Despite the dark themes, there are accompanied by cheerful indie guitar music many warm moments — which could be related to that Sweet Tooth Jr. Susan Downey and Robert Downey produced. Stuck around after the child’s adventure film The fantastic journey of Dr. Dolittle.

For fans of: The Rain, Carnival Row, His Dark Materials
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
Evaluation of Sweet Tooth on IMDb 7.8
Length: 8 episodes, each about 40 to 60 minutes. A second season is officially confirmed.

An additional tip to Sweet Tooth: Since me the world of Sweet Tooth so well-liked, I have researched directly to the origins. The series is based on the eponymous comic book series by Jeff Bemire. After I finished the series, I bought the comics and could not put it down it.

Here was but said that is really dark and lead the worst of humanity in mind. You need strong nerves to read them. Of this, the series has clearly solved in comparison.

27 reviews

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Bemire, Jeff (Author)

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Midnight Mass


The small and impoverished island Cricket Iceland is deposited, hardly a soul that got lost there. Time seems slower here to run, and the residents are trapped in their every day life. Until a young, dynamic priest after Cricket Iceland comes.

The arrival of the priest is accompanied by miracles. Residents go to a religious mania — not knowing on what they have let himself in.

Midnight Mass is the only series on this list, where I could not look away Episode by episode in a row. Director and screenwriter Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) are so many profound monologues of his characters, making them almost become less important. But it pays to stick to the lips of the characters, and they listen well.

In each monologue a philosophical story behind about life, death, guilt, sin, forgiveness, religion and the importance of God in this world. Midnight Mass is more like a play for the stage designed. You have to have love and that takes concentration.

The series is extremely critical of the church and fanaticism. This is underlined again and again when dramatic sequences are accompanied by church music. Especially the criticism emerges in dialogues between the priest and one of the main characters, who lost her faith in God.

Although I found it exhausting partly as something to look Midnight Mass, the series has me repeatedly rewarded. There are phrases that I recognize the series as surprising and above all courageous. There are pictures that have been burned into my mind.

Although Midnight Mass is far from perfect, impressed me the serial sustainable.

For fans of: The Haunting of Hill House, Constantine, Penny Dreadful
Genre: Horror, Drama, Fantasy
Evaluation of Midnight Mass on IBB 7.7
Length: 7 episodes, each about 60 to 70 minutes. The mini-series is self-contained.



In a two-class society is certainly a war between two cities brews slowly but together.

The Silent Sea | Official Trailer | Netflix
In Plover the economy flourishes — by progress and a newly discovered magical technology. In the city district Faun, the black market is flourishing. Here criminal gangs are on the loose.

The two cities are interdependent. But you stand by the unequal distribution of wealth in the conflict. Located in the conflict are two opposing sisters, tough decisions have to make.

Arcane is the best video game adaptation of all time for me. What main reason is that the series is more than just a film version of League of Legends.

Arcane the emergence of a war shows in all its complex facets. The characters and their stories go far beyond simple black and white thinking out. Arcane manages its own morality to question. For this, a setting is used, which is still unused: Steampunk.

The supposedly evil have motives for their actions that are understandable on a human scale. The supposedly good act sometimes inhuman — in their unshakable belief to always do the right thing. The reached the level of Game of Thrones at his best.

Here Arcane shows the bitter consequences of their own actions in a war. The series is not afraid to show a dying child. But something does not happen from voyeuristic reasons, but because it is important for the scope of history. Arcane breaks taboos.

Added to this is an incredibly high production value. Per episode to Arcane leaves around 40 minutes, which is unusually long for an animation series. A unique look here 2D and 3D animations are mixed.

For fans of: Love, Death & Robots, Avatar: The Last Air bender, Castlemaine
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk
Evaluation of Arcane on IMDb 9.2
Length: 9 episodes, each about 40 minutes. A second season is officially confirmed and in production.



A young mother flees with her young daughter from an era marked by abusive relationship. To support herself and her daughter, she takes a job as a cleaner. On their journey to independence and freedom, you are thrown in the way of many stones.

Maid is hard to digest, which makes the series so important. It shows how difficult it is for victims to come out of their predicament.

Whether it up by authorities, the almost insurmountable hurdles to victims get help. It was the small talk of violence, as long as it is not physically — yet. Or whether through friends who stand on the side of perpetrators.

A major issue here is financial independence, which is the only way out for the young mother out of their misery Maid is based on an autobiography called. Maid: Hard work, low pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive. The author Stephanie land here describes their struggle against poverty.

A particularly strong stylistic device in the series, a counter will appear again as soon as the protagonist takes money or outputs. The counter is symbolic, if you really need every last cent in his pocket for the calculations that constantly chatter in the head with.

I would not say that it brings very much pleasure to watch maid. However, the series opens the eyes of why many victims so difficult of domestic violence the way out.

Solutes you be affected by domestic violence, you can easily confidently to dieBeratungsstelle the White Ring Weyden.

For fans of: Gilmore Girls, Changeling (Changeling), Dead to Me
Genre: Drama
Evaluation of Maid on IMDb 8.4
Length: 10 episodes, each approximately 40 – 60 minutes. The miniseries is self-contained.

Centaur world


On YouTube there is only the English trailer. On Netflix page of Centaur world can be found but the German.

A war mare named horse is separated by a magical artifact from her rider and is drawn into a bizarre world — everything is different in its war destroyed the world.

Is Centaur world super silly in some places and turns? Absolutely! At the same time, the series offers a striking contrast with the war mare horse to. Which is namely actually dead serious, studied the danger and adventure.

The crazy humor has sometimes made me really loud laugh. He reminds me of Adventure Time, one of my favorite series of all time. But Between all the fuss there are quite adult and serious issues, then ground the Centaur world again.

You will also set you can here on a musical. In each episode is sung. The songs are as high quality as Disney ballads.

The trailer shows you a good idea of ​​Centaur world. Speaks at you, just check it out. Scares the up, then try to stay away.

For fans of: Disney and Pixar Animation, Adventure Time, Steven Universe
Genre: Musical, Comedy
Evaluation vonCentaurworld on IMDb: 7.6
Length: Season 1 has 10 episodes, Season 2 has 8 episodes. One consequence of something takes under 30 minutes. Whether there will be a third season, is still uncertain. The second season but has a coherent end.

Squid Game


GitHub is deeply in debt and addicted to gambling. One day offered him a unique opportunity to get out of the debt trap. He can compete against 455 other Indebted to win a cash prize of several million.

The competition consists of seemingly harmless games of childhood. Only later, the candidates should notice how high their use is.

Those who are not living under a rock, which should have heard of Squid Game. The South Korean drama was simply 2021, the viral series hit. Squid Game was enacted in schoolyards, although people come into the series brutally killed. Large YouTuber jumped on the trend and held their own Squid Game.

A total of only 27 days have already seen 111 million people Squid Game. I was among them, and had a series after another look. Although the principle of Battle Royale or Hunger Games is known, Squid Game stands out in particular.

Through a special twist at the beginning of the series, it becomes clear how bad it really about the characters. For them, the hell of the game is still the better option than to exist with nothing in their normal life.

Squid Game has some moments that go deep under the skin and clearly show that there is no real opportunity for the characters. Either because they could not afford education or because one is disadvantaged as an immigrant.

PS.: The sequence with the murmur made me ready. If you see the series, you know what I mean.

For fans of: Alice in Borderland, Battle Royale, Cube
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Evaluation squid Game on IMDb: 8.0
Length: 9 episodes, each approximately 50 – 60 minutes. A second season was officially confirmed.

Alice in Borderland


A young and unplanned gamers suddenly ends up in a parallel world of Tokyo. The city seems deserted. Soon, however, he must fight against others in a deadly game of survival.

The series was released in December 2020 and is therefore still so Deutsche. straight into the new products for 2021 with me

Alice in Borderland is based on a manga by the same name Hard As. The name is inspired by Alice in Wonderland on — a story that I love since childhood.

Therefore, the many parallels between the two stories make me so much fun! You meet in the brutal retelling about the Hatter, the Rabbit, which has the protagonist the way, or playing cards queen.

But Especially I can sympathize with the protagonist Arise. He has no job, is a loser in the shadow of his brother. But he is an perfect gamer.

Exactly helps him in the Games, which he must win to survive. Through his playing skills, he often has a completely different tactic than his colleagues and opponents.

Alice in Borderland is entertaining action, typical Japan with exaggerated choreography, but which are produced high quality at every point. If you do not like the totally exaggerated Japan-typical, then the series is not for you.

For fans of: Alice in Wonderland, Squid Game, Sweet Home
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller
Evaluation vocalic in Borderland on IMDb: 7.6
Length: 8 episodes, each approximately 40 – 50 minutes. A second season has already been officially confirmed.

Inside Job


What if all the famous conspiracy theories are true? Repibiloid? Is there. Just like chem trails. The moon landing was a fake.

The organization Cognate Inc. is responsible for ensuring that these conspiracies remain in secret.

At times like this, I was really unsure if I would like to see a series that deals with conspiracy theories.

Afterwards I was glad I did it but! Inside Job parodied the whole world order conspiracy theories so cynical that I just laugh had. The series has really helped me to see everything again with a little more humor.

Inside Job comes from the feather of Ship’s daily junior, responsible for the top series Gravity Falls, Disenchantment and Regular Show.

for fans of: Men in Black, Rick and Morty, Fukuyama
Genre: Comedy, satire
Rating of Initial Job on IMDb: 7.7
Length: Follow, each about 30 minutes. A second season was officially not confirmed yet. But we can assume that one comes. Netflix has ordered a total of 20 episodes, 10 of which were published in the first season.

Bonus: Cowboy Bebop — but the anime!


The Anime Cowboy Bebop appeared this year as a live action adaptation — and unfortunately this was pretty bad. So Main that Netflix deployed the new series already 3 weeks after publishing. I did not hurt it myself to see the real-finishing until the end.

The good thing is that Netflix also brought the anime to his platform (for the purpose of advertising)! Since the live action adaptation was so fast history, it is questionable how long the anime still remains on Netflix.

That’s why I recommend you to watch the original Cowboy Bebop about the holidays — no matter if you can start anything with anime or not. Cowboy Bebop is one of the best series I’ve ever seen.

By making Cowboy Bebop in 1998, we have to do it with a square format. But the series also uses this for the visual language, which makes it many strong, centric shots. Cowboy Bebop leaves a lot of time for atmosphere and does not tell his story. Especially the jazz music that accompanies the plot and not just so there.

The anime has a lot of drafts and is progressive than such a few series believe today.

It follows a bounty hunter through the space whose crew is slowly expanding. They all flee themselves from their reality.

for fans of: Firefly, the fifth element, Final Space
Genre: Science Fiction, Western, Neo-Noir, Space Opera
rating of Cowboy Bebop on IMDb : 8.9
Length: 26 episodes, each about 25 minutes each. The series is completed in itself.

Do you still have recommendations?

These were my Netflix series from 2021, which I want to give you the heart. That’s why it’s colored by my personal taste of course.

Do you still have series or movies that you can recommend? Write us in the comments!

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