Com2us `Computa 2021` User and Yield Year Baseball Tubing Winter Training Equipment Support

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) announced on the 24th that we delivered a medium to the mobile game ‘Com2us Pro Baseball 2021 (Company 2021).

Com2us has conducted a social contribution campaign in the 2021 game for the purpose of supporting the use of the Yeo-jin Year baseball team, which is a three-week Foundation.

The campaign is a combination of the 2021 users who want to present the hope for baseball dream trees.

The composition that is created is a plan that contributes to the purchase of training clothes such as uniforms and jumper, such as uniforms and jumper, which is the most needed for working with outdoor exercise, and contributes to the healthy physical activity and the abrasion of the use of oils.

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The Baseball Foundation is promoting various support projects for growth as a baseball player as well as improving self-esteem through low-income classes and multicultural and North Koreans.

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