You look like the switch the ultra-small gaming pc

What if you can drive ‘League of Legend‘ or ‘Roast Arc‘ on a portable device?

The gamers that turn their eyes into a device or console that will replace the PC with a significant product shortage and part prices rise. Recently, new devices are expected to appear in recent years, such as gamers. At first glance, an Ultra-Mobile PC (Ultra-Mobile PC, UPC), which resembles a Nintendo Switch, is the main character.

These Umps ensure the minimum performance required for game driving as long as they focus on gaming. In addition, the dock mode is supported to connect with TV or controller. It is also noteworthy that any remote service can be enjoyed by a touch screen and controller regardless of the location of the remote service to support Windows OS. This article gathers five of these PCs and console’s advantages, each of which is the most attention of UPC, respectively.

If you can not miss excellent graphics, overplayed 1s

One-NetBook’s One-Netbook’s One-Netbook is a gamer at focusing on visual elements with the size of 8.4 inches and 2560×1600 resolution performance. Although the size and weight are large, the size and weight may be large, but it is a portable device, but it is a merit that the cyber punk 2077 can be driven by 30 fps.

Overwhelming light, GOD WIN 3

When it focuses on ‘portability’, the device that can win 3 of the GOD does not exist until the present. There is an advantage that about 100 g is light, compared with other products, and it can not be replaced that it does not give a bunch on the wrist. The disadvantage of the size of the size was overcome to the physical keyboard. If other devices should carry the keyboard, you need to carry the external keyboard, and you just need to raise the screen in the case of GOD Win 3. There are many places that the size of the keyboard is smaller than that it is uncomfortable.

Retro design charm, AYA Neo

It is a retro charm that causes the merchandise console device, especially SNES if it is said to be the advantage of AYA Neo. In the case of ‘first-generation AYA Neo’ or ‘AYA NAO 2021 pro’, it is one of the best access to the approach, which has been carried out in Korea. Nintendo’s switches and sizes are similar to adapt to your hands. A little sorry is that there is no advantage in performance than other devices. But on January 4 next year, a new device is announced, and it is interested.

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Castle ratio is 1st place, steam deck

You can take uncomfortable inconveniences to use the Steam OS, and you find a good device for a good device. You can purchase it with half the value of another device, and if you log in to the steam account, you can enjoy the game without separate settings. Waiting for steam deck is also a good choice for a rational price to wait for the steam deck to make it available to use Windows 11 later. However, it is not confirmed whether the domestic release is not confirmed and wants to meet it a day.

How will it be released, Snapdragon G3x Developer Kit

In the case of snapdragon G3x developer kits, it is close to the portable console than the portable PC. Unlike other devices, the Android OS is used and the distance from the UPC, etc., including the cloud service. However, it provides similar services such as Xbox game paths and steam remote, and has a large community that it has portability, there is a great deal of interest. Until now, it is limited to developers and development studios, but it would be better to know that the specifications may change a little later, and they may proceed with general sales.

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