NBA NEWS Cabinamenary at Houston rockets

The Houston Rockets have conceded the seventh bankruptcy against the Denver Nuggets. This ensures frustration, with Kevin Porter Jr. and Christian Wood injured two players the rules of the team, in the cabin fly the shreds.

Like Tim McMahon, Adrian Wojnarowski (both ESPN ) and Shams Catania ( The athletic ), it should be in the half-time break in the game against the Denver Nuggets (111: 124) in the cabin of the Rockets to a violent quarrel, the focus Stayed Kevin Porter Jr. Assistant Coach John Lucas is supposed to be both Porter Jr. and Christian Wood before the team and whose mistakes were mercilessly addressed.

Stephen Silas | Postgame | Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat 12/31/2021

The Rockets had come late from the cabin for the second half, Coach Stephen Silas spoke on the PK from a heated debate, but without calling details. I have certain demands on my team in terms of passion, and I was not satisfied with the use today.

PJ was no longer used after the break, officially because of renewed thigh problems that accompany the guard all season. In truth, a verbal confrontation was the reason that the 21-year-old left the hall immediately.

It is not the first derailment of the youngster, only due to the Mister’s Mister Jr. in Cleveland, the Rockets had to send only a two-round chip for the guard to the Cars to get the fingers on PJ. Porter Jr. had also become possible in Cleveland, when his spend had been relocated. Also, some problems next to the field were then a reason for the trade of Cleveland.

Houston Rockets: Wood and Porter Jr. threaten punishment

But not only Porter Jr. got a foolish, also Christian Wood, so far Houston’s best player this season, was disciplined by Head Coach Stephen Silas. The Big One was deleted from the starting Five because he had missed a mandatory corona test date according to Catania. Wood played against the nuggets only eight minutes, helping each of his four throws.

After changing, Wood was no longer used, according to Catania, the 26-year-old refused to participate in the game again. Silas did not reveal any details after the game, but let the questioning journalists in the dark, which really happened: That stays internally, Silas said about the reasons for the disciplining of Wood. He has broken a team rule and that’s why I’ve deleted him from Starting Five and then decided that he will not play after the break.

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Whether and how the duo is now punished by the team is not yet known. With a balance of 10-27, the Rockets in the Western Conference are dropped off in the last place. After seven bankruptcies in the piece, the residue in 14th place is already 3.5 games.

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