Why prank in the top team

Nico Schlotterbeck graduated on Wednesday after his COVID-19 infection, pointing to only a completed team training right after the winter break but still too much residue and therefore does not travel to Dortmund on Thursday. Mark Flecked and Lilian Sildillia are still in domestic isolation according to their positive corporate tests.

Although the absence of the power carriers Flecked and Nico Schlotterbeck already fell against the 2: 2 against Bielefeld negative and the two failures in the top game in Dortmund is likely to be even more pain, prank does not want to moan: I am satisfied as it ran so far. We ran Had no big injured or Coronawelle so far. What should I sue? It’s okay, now others get a chance, that’s no problem. I do not bother with it, it’s in the normal. You can not expect over a whole season Always be able to set up almost always if you succeed. That’s not realistic.

Prank confirmed that Benjamin Uphold will come on Friday evening on his second use between the posts and Winter Access Hugo Squat will count for the game chamber for the first time. In the occupation of the internal defense, however, he did not want to look into the cards. Well possible that Manuel Guide displaces the Bielefeld not convincing Keven Schlotterbeck out of the starting eleven or even at the side of the Philipp Lien hart placed in a triple chain. However, it speaks more for the retention of a four-wing defense.

This is also due to the Dortmund basic orientation in 4-3-3 or in the 3-2-1-1 practices during the successful final phase 3-2 in Frankfurt. Before a great strength in the offensive board of BVB, prank warns quite especially: the steep gossip game in several waves, with passes in the top, which are stored by Erlang Haaland and Co. to start directly in the depth. Either the player played through, or also players Narendra. That makes you extreme and practice so always stress on the opponent, says prank, who has prepared his professionals specially. Just as naturally on the movement patterns of Haaland by individual video.

Prank attaches great importance to your own game approach

However, despite all the need to curb the Dortmund’s strengths as much as possible, prank attaches great importance to its own game approach. In addition to the opportunity to be able to be dangerous about their own standard strength and switching situations, be it very important that we have good, constructive possessions, emphasizes the 56-year-old, so we can develop self-confidence and Dortmund realizes that we also play be able. His wish: We would like to play there as well as perfect teams that are very well occupied because we want our players to be better in all. And currently the duel with the BVB is even a real top game, because the SC is just in four place.

Prank wants to make his team so that he would also have his joy as an uninvolved viewer. We want possession and when Dortmund then decreases the ball, and they are so good and find rooms, then it did not work, says Stretch Lapidary and knows that his team needs at least the following components to a real chance on his first To have victory in tenth approach to Dortmund: A good day, self-confidence and ball safety.

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