NBA: Brooklyn Nets embark against OKC Thunder

The Memphis Grizzlies have retracted the eleventh victory in series and continued their run. For the Nets follows the victory in the top game disillusionment: against OK Cit sets a home. The replacement clippers collect in New Orleans a defeat, the blazers come in Denver under the wheels.

Milwaukee Bucks (27-17) — Golden State Warriors (30-11) 118: 99 (Game Report)

Memphis Grizzlies (30-14) — Minnesota Timberwolves (20-22) 116: 108 (Box score)

  • The Memphis Grizzlies have retracted their eleventh victory in a row, but the Timberwolves long ago kept exciting the game down to the final minutes. The Big Three of Timberwolves came together at 84 points. But that was not enough.
  • For the Grizzlies, scoring was distributed on several shoulders, five players scores in the double-digit area, led by Desmond Bane with 21 points, Learn Jackson Jr. Contributed 20 meters. Yes Moran tended the match with 16 points (5/16 FG, 0/7 threesome), but also helped his team with 9 assists and 8 rebounds to success. John Kochab came to a strong Double (15 and 17 rebounds).
  • The great strength of the Grizzlies was probably the greatest weakness of the T-Wolves, because Edwards (30), Russell (29) and Towns (25) did not receive any support from the role players in the offense, the next best scorer was Jarred Vanderbilt with 8 Couples.
  • After two transformed free throws from Brandon Clarke, the hosts led around two minutes before the end with 107: 106. Thereafter, Minnesota made two turnover, in both cases the Grizzlies score and went with a minute on the clock with six points in the lead, with the subsequent free throws, the hosts kept their nerves together and made the lid on it.
  • Corona Protocol: Yves Pons (Grizzlies), Leandro Bolero (T-Wolves)


New Orleans Pelicans (16-26) — L.A. Clippers (21-22) 113: 89 (Box score)

  • Statistics at the beginning: The clippers have reconciled after the pets in their past two first half times 62 points — 62 points in four quarters (!). The figures of the guests from the first half against the Pelicans are devastating (26.2 percent FG, 2/18 threesome).
  • Without the superstar duo Kathy Leonard and Paul George missing at L.A. in the offensive on firepower. Although five clipper players score two-digit, in the bad throwing quotas, this was still simply too little. Trance Man was with 15 points most successful shooters at the Clippers, Isaiah Hammerstein was not used again.
  • At the Pelicans, Brandon Ingram knew (24 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds), Jonas Valencias showed dominance on the boards and put a double (18 points, 16 boards).
  • New Orleans lose a masterpiece in the offensive overall, but benefited from the 15 ball losses of the clippers, which transformed them into 23 meters. The Pelicans have now won seven of their past nine home games and are in the upswing.
  • Corona Protocol: Luke Dennard, Justice Winslow (Both Clippers)

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