New Fire Emblem game presented by Nintendo Leaker

Beast Hunter Surge is an action parlor game established and also released by Cap com for the Nintendo Switch. It is the 6th mainline installation in the Beast Hunter series and also was released worldwide in March 2021. A Microsoft Windows variation was launched in January 2022. A development, Beast Hunter Surge Sun break is set up for launch in mid-2022.
Surge complies with a number of the brand-new conventions developed in World while likewise presenting brand-new functions and also auto mechanics, including a new pet buddy called a Malamute that can be used to ride throughout the map or into fight, and making use of Firebugs to traverse the world as well as mount and ride particular monsters. The game obtained normally favorable testimonials upon release with doubters commending the gameplay as well as its development of the technicians introduced in World. It has delivered greater than 8 million duplicates worldwide since launch, making it the second very popular game in the series.

According to an outstanding Nintendo filter, a new Emblem of Fire The game is not only in development, but possibly be on track this year through Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. The report does not say what this game is, but it is alleged that the game has been developing for approximately two years at Intelligent Systems, the developer behind the series. And apparently the work in the game started just after another. Emblem of fire project was canceled.

The rumor comes by the road from Camus Hunter on Twitter. Taking the Social Network Platform, Camus Hunter is the last to claim a new version of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War was in development, but it was canceled in 2018. And at this point, the team made the transition to a new Emblem of fire delivery.


«I know that a fire of fire the title is under development for Nintendo Switch since 2018 (this time with the central team of Intelligent System), I spoke about that, but originally there was a plan for a geology of the Holy War Remake in 3DS that He scored in 2018, said Camus Hunter.

The Nintendo filter continues:

Originally, the game was intended to present new characters, mechanics and traditions of the game. I thought that they moved the project to Switch, but could [have] changed the plans completely. What I know is that Intelligent Systems wanted to maintain [a] a gap of approximately two years with each title, but COVID-19 delayed much of the planned schedule, and things like voice acting were great obstacles given the large number of dialogues of each entry. Then, in the end, you can expect a fire of fire game this year [and] the game must be in good condition ».

If something of this sounds familiar, it is because Camus Hunter is not the only one who affirms this. That said, right now, like all others who claim a new fire, the game is on the horizon, Camus Hunter is not Nintendo PR. Then, take everything here with a grain of salt. All this is not only completely unofficial, but is also subject to change. And with the pandemic still in progress, it is very possible that its effects continue to affect the game, its revelation and its launch.

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