LOL: The 2022 will return to its Sand of ESPORTS in Mexico City

With the beginning of the Lisa Latin America 2020 , Riot Games announced that it would have an Arena of ESPORTS. It is located in Mexico City, in a cinema room found in the square Art Federal . It has a capacity for 100 people and allows the audience to have a panoramic view of the players, camera talent and parties. Unfortunately, the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) limited the use of the enclosure.

The organizers of the League were able to use the sand for the Caesura 2021 eliminator. He also received participants Valorant Champions Tour and those of wild Lolita in their defining instances. For 2022, however, things will have a small turn of nuts.

Through an official video, Riot Games confirmed that the equipment of the opening 2022 will return to the Arena of ESPORTS . Again, Art Federal will be the house of the first division of League of Legends, although without live audience. The company recognizes the current situation of the COVID-19 and OMICRON, so the first step is to receive only competitors. Eduardo Carriers, product leader, shared that there will be a follow-up to determine if it is possible to have fanatics in the days.

Although we are around the sports to the sands, there were no details about the requirements that must be met to play . Career only confirmed that the health protocols arranged by the Mexican government will be fulfilled. What it can cover from the application of the vaccine to PCR tests.

Next to the news of the study format, the LA will have a new schedule . The change was given thanks to the feedback from the public, which also expressed its dissatisfaction with the competitive format. Something that professionals have been mentioning for some seasons, asking for the adoption of better three in a regular phase.

The 2022 will begin on January 29.

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