LOL: The communitys anger with a new skin that steals identity to a character

League of Legends You have received a full patch of SKINS. The 12.2 update has been one of the most content has added to the game over recent times and arrived to meet many of the outstanding debts that Riot Games had with the community. Both the adjustments and the novelties have been mostly well valued by the community. However, there has been an exception with one of the new aspects. It is Kindred of porcelain , which has received very negative reviews for the aspect of the Champion.

The controversial Riot decision with the new Kindred Skin

The main objection of the community with respect to the new aspect is related to Humanization of the Cord era . Although both the Wolf and the effects of the Skin and his appearance have good reception, the fact that his face is shown as human has been considered an attack on the identity of the character as a whole. This is because Kindred is actually the union of the Spirits of Cord era and Logo, who represent the certainty of the dead in the universe of RENATER: one gives a quick end to his victims, while the other persecutes those who deal with escape.

Riot Games has already humanized the roam in the past with the creation of her skin belonging to the designs of spiritual bloom. However, the League of Legends community accepted it since he was still within the limit and gave the impression of being a true spirit. Something that has not been considered this on this occasion since the mask of the champion this time shows a human face that many players did not expect to attend to their original history and the default aspect with which it was incorporated into the title.

After receiving the criticism of the players, the developers have ensured that they can not make changes. Although Riot Games has modified aspects on other occasions, the workload and the fact that it is related to the next League of Legends event has made it impossible for this time. However, they have ensured that they will take into account the disgust of the community in future aspects and will try to avoid more aspects in which the cord era appears humanized.

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