“Battlefield 2042” “Portal” official zombie mode is deleted-because it was used to earn experience values

Electronic Arts removed Zombie Survival that was officially playlisted in Portal mode of Large-scale War FPS Battlefield 2042 ( Battlefield 2042 ) and Paymaster 2042 We announced that we have replaced it.

The portal mode of this work is not only DICE, but also the community can be played in the rule you created. Also, excellent community creation rules may be adopted as the official playlist through the examination process.

Zombie Survival adopted for such a portal was also officially playlisted as a user-created mode, but it was found that it could be abused as a means of earning experience value (XP farm) and deleted.


Justin Waive, a senior design director of RIPPLE EFFECT STUDIOS (formerly DICE LA), is aiming to fix this and match the standard game progress. If it was normal, it should not pass the examination for the formulation, but he has not seen the impact that he wanted to create a fun zombie mode has not seen the impact on the progress, and he has enhanced the examination process.

~~ ¥9,700 ~ → ¥3,323



~ ¥8,700 ~ → ¥7,174



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