“Chinas semiconductor, Samsung · TSMC will take more than 10 years to follow”

The US Market Research Agency IDC said China has left 3-4 generations to develop the latest semiconductor technology. China is a major investment in the semiconductor industry, but it is a claim that it takes time to equip the ability to produce advanced chips.

Mario Morales IDC said in an interview with the US Economic Broadcasting CNBC on the 19th (Local Time), China thinks that China was still behind the state of 3 to 4 years. He said, China will take a little time, he analyzed that he was to take more than 10 years to equal competitiveness.

Morales Vice President Morales said, We have to secure software and equipment to produce advanced chips, he pointed to China’s largest chip manufacturer SMIC. SMIC has had the ability to support 28 nanometers, he started to create 14 nanometer products. SMIC should increase the level of technology to reduce the cost of US and Europe even Taiwanese customers.

Taiwan and Korea unmatched the other in the ability of the high-grade chip manufacturing and Korea Samsung Electronics and Taiwan TSMC already produce 7 nanometer chips already.


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