Monster Hunter Rise: How to get high quality Wyvern

In Monster Hunter Rise, players can unlock many useful items by meeting a variety of different requirements. To complete the request only the good eggs and to unlock one of the best Tangos in the game, players must provide 2 quality Wyvern eggs safely, a performance that can be achieved by first finding the item and then find it To wear main warehouse. To help you complete the request and get the Berry Safe Mango as soon as possible, learn how to get a quality Wyvern ever Monster Hunter Rise .

How to get a high-quality Wyvern a in Monster Hunter Rise

You can find a quality Wyvern ever exclusively in shrubs and only high rank. Apart from that, you can find the item in many areas scattered across the site, e.g. B. at the intersection between the areas 9 and 11. You can also find the item in area 4. The egg is easy to see as it is a huge nest. We recommend that you pick up the item at the intersection between the areas 9 and 11, as they mentioned above, the quality Wyvern egg from the nest must bear to the storage box, which is on stock.

Make sure you have killed all enemy monsters before you cancel the egg as you can not fall out of high altitude or be made of attacks if you wear it, as the item is extremely fragile and with any kind of heavy impact Broken.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and on the PC. The PC version of the title can be brought to Steam and Nguyen. You can read our thoughts in the newly published PC version of the game here.

  • This article was updated on 24 January 2022

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