Cameroon: mood on the ground and enigmatic waiver of Choupo

Sporting, it would have earned Cameroon to deny the final in its own country. Because not only had the hosts of the Africa Cup in the first half of the semi-final against Egypt more opportunities, they also showed them for the first time how the eleven is to crack Mohamed Salah about Liverpools. Fast, direct suitcases, aggressiveness and a train to the gate, which most teams had missed in the course of the tournament – the Egyptians by the way. But there was nothing with the final, in penalty shooting, three camerunic protected the nerves.

The history of the Cup shows above all one: the host creates it in almost half of the cases into the final, eleven times the hosts even won the tournament. Now for Cameroon “only” place 3 is 3, as 50 years ago. At that time, 1972, Cameroon had last aligned the Africa Cup and won the only time a small finale – until Saturday. Twelve years later, the first victory followed, followed by 33 extremely successful years, during which the “untappable lions” came six times into the final – and triumphed four times.

Mood on the ground

Once, 30 years ago, was in the end place 4. The mood was also on the ground at that time as today. The game around third place ran with the victory after penalty shooting and a spectacular catch-up hunting although well, is hardly worth something in the eyes of the fans, not even a comfort. It was also observed at the reactions of the viewers during the semi-final. Some of them blocked the team bus, did not want to leave him from the stadium grounds.

Departure after the first error shot

The disappointment was also felt as some fans left the stadium after shooting the first penalty. This reaction shows that confidence in the national team is missing. It does not help that Cameroon with Vincent Aboubleakar (eight gates) and Karl Toko Ekambi (five) the two best scorers of the tournament can not find either Egypt or the ranks of the other final participant from the Senegal – and despite the stars Sadio Mané and Mo Salah.

On the ground in Cameroon ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations • FRANCE 24 English

Choupo Motings Headball and final strength lacked painful

Another one whose name was often called before the tournament with the two Liverpool stars in a breath is Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting. The 31-year-old and his headball and final strength were painfully missed in the semifinals, but Toni Conceicao renounced the Munich. Apparently, the trainer rather focuses on fast, agile outer railway players specializing in counterattacks. Choupo-Motings style is pretty much the opposite, yet neither his torrie nor his final qualities are to be extended. A resolving after 60, 70 minutes Cameroon certainly did not have done badly – whether in the semifinal or the game to place 3. There, the trainer had sent almost only substitutes in the course.

Association President Eto’o hardly to be grasped

About those earlier also Samuel Eto’o? The Union President is barely grasping for journalists, he makes the impression that he floats from event to event and overdribble interviews like the defenders of his opponents. However, the former starer door of the FC Chelsea or FC Barcelona did not work for the FC Chelsea or FC Barcelona from his compatriots.

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