English version AUTOMATON article translator (Japanese-English) · Recruitment of writer (English article)

We are looking for news articles translator and writer for English version Automaton opened in August last year.

The English version Automaton is mainly the main axis of game news related to Japan, and disseminates Japanese information that was written in the Japanese version of Automaton and the Japanese version of Japan. As a game media based in Japan, we aim to create a site that utilizes Japan’s viewpoint and context understanding.

However, it is still a small site and is short. News article Japanese-English translation and writing English article. If you are confident about either or both, there is a wide range of domestic and international applications, which are looking for new challenges.

# About the translation business

The news article of news articles published in the Japan Version Automaton will be contacted. Japanese articles are unnatural English and unnatural English. Therefore, it is also necessary to respond to the English language-speaking sorting explanation, which adjusts to a suitable appearance and expression as an English article. Native level English skills, Japanese language skills that can be read correctly to fine nuances, and also the knowledge of the game industry and terms can be obtained as much as possible.

It tends to be difficult to understand in advance if there is a business in the nature of the content of news. Therefore, it is necessary to operate flexibly and quickly (as a guide, deliver the translation of articles equivalent to Japanese 1000 Characters in 1-3 hours). In particular, it is preferred if you can operate after the evening of Japan.

In addition to translation work, there is also a possibility of requesting English prover freed that other members translated and written.

# About lighter business

You will be asked to write game news related to Japan. It is a business that finds what happens in the Japanese game industry community, and is an original article, and will be sent to English-speaking readers. Although it is different from translation operations, it does not change to English writing power and Japanese reading ability.

If you like to find Japanese game information, you are seeking those information as English.

# Common Recruitment Guidelines

Business contents
Articles Translation work) English Translation of Japanese articles published in the Japanese version Automaton.

Translation Trick | Translation Hindi to English | Translation into English/In Hindi/English Grammar
Lighter Business) English News Writing English News Articles Published in Automaton.

Work location
Local work is working at home. Residence does not matter.

type of contract
It will be a business consignment contract. It is a perfect way.
Basic compensation is uniform, but in response to past writing experience and career.

Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. (Automaton Publishing Mother Company)

· Ability to write sentences in English of native language level
· Japanese language skills that can read the articles of our site and Japanese news sites
· Can work on weekdays and daily
· 18 years old or older (student allowed)
· Holding a bank account that can be transferred from Japan

Welcome Condition
· We usually read our site articles, and each site’s game news, and knowing the terms on the game, what is happening in the game industry.
· With regard to translation work, it can operate in the time zone after the evening on the evening
· Translation work, media site management, article contribution, etc.
· Japan residence

Selection Process

1. Please apply by email according to the following items.

Send email address)
[Email Protected]

English version Automaton staff application

Full name
Contact Email Address
Business Doking day sun & time zone (Japan time)
Hope job type (translation work, lighter duties, or translation & lighter business)
Ideal motive
Description of your own English power and Japanese power (if you have specific qualifications, please explain yourself if you do not have it)
Translation and article writing, editing experience (optional)

2. Transmitted information will be conducted by the information you have received, and the passer is emailed to the second review (test translation) by e-mail within 10 days (excluding weekends).

※ We will notify only the passer of the result report of the primary examination.
※ Personal information sent by sending is strictly stored in-house, and this recruitment will be discarded after completing the recruitment. It does not use except for selection of employees.

3. Test of translation test or article writing will be conducted for the primary examination passer.

We will contact you from the person in charge, so please cooperate with the test implementation. Please note that the original fee does not occur.

4. Conducted a web interview with the results of the test (1 time).

5. Perform the passing party to contact the contract.

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