FC Bayern: The strange poker lit around Thomas Müller

Although the Treaty of Thomas Müller expires from FC Bayern in the summer of 2023, the responsible persons of the German football record champion have not yet made any institutions to talk about his future with the 32-year-old. A decision that surprises with a view to the importance of virgin.

It was a funny yet lightweight messenger that Thomas Müller sent at Instagram at the past weekend. There, the offensive spirit of Bayern showed himself with a specially made T-shirt with his counterfeiting and the namesake Gerd, including the saying: “500x has made it.”

But the imprint really did not agree. “I should have posted that last week,” wrote Müller, after he had already achieved his 136th goal in the Bundesliga on Saturday at the 3: 2 against Leipzig. Gerd Müller came to 365 goals in his career – makes 501 together.

Does not matter! What the T-shirt impressively showed: Müller and FC Bayern, this symbiosis fits. This proved the deceased club icon GERD, which started time for the Munich Top Club and that could possibly apply to Thomas, which has been in the club since 2000 and has now completed 641 games for the Munich. However, the German national player last stopped in an interview.

“Nobody has come to me from the club. So what the future brings, you have to see,” Müller said in conversation with the “Bayern Image” about his contract expiring in just over 16 months. An honest statement that surmounted quantely, Müller has been one of the power carriers of the club for more than a decade and is located next to Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski as one of the great supports in the team.

How irreplaceable Müller is in the offensive of the record champion and what is the importance for his secondary people, the national player showed again on the last match day, when he caused a lot of alarm in the opposing defense and finally for the interim 1-0 against Leipzig ( * Bayern * -Note 2.0).

Thomas Müller Europe-wide tip

Together with Lewandowski (24 hits / a template), who also met against RB, Müller (seven gates, 18 assists) comes in this Bundesliga season already on fabulous 50 scorer points. So many did not collect any other duo in Europe’s top football.

Little surprising that Müller – and not Messi, Mbappé or Ronaldo – stands with said 18 templates with immense lead at the top of the best assistors of the top 5 leagues.

Why the club bosses around the Executive Board Oliver Kahn have not at least with loose conversations on Müller, therefore, remains at least questionable.

Spoken to the Müller statements in the “Bayern Picture” Kahn referred to “Sky” only on the contract of the Bayern Star and emphasized that the club argues “not in panic attacks” due to the contract situation. Earlier or later you will talk to Müller. “But now the full concentration is valid to the last third of the Football Bundesliga and the Champions League, everything else will yield then,” says Kahn.

Nagelsmann: FC Bayern has no “megastress” with Müller

Whether the record champion should actually be time at Müller, may at least be questioned. Even the departure of Niklas Sule showed that the impression of lack of appreciation can lead to farewell. It should not be so far with Müller yet. An early contact with the 32-year-old, who may be signing the last major contract of his career, could be helpful in the persuasion before the Müller, which is not yet a new challenge, is not yet looking for his recent years.

While the bosses still wait, coach Julian Nagelsmann last highlighted the enormous importance of the 32-year-old and revealed how he wants to convince Müller from the whereabouts. “Thomas lives a lot about his recognition he gets over the game and about the wearing role (in the team). This is sent by trainer’s view every signal sent,” says Nagelsmann. According to the coach there is therefore not “the megastress, today or tomorrow the conversation”.

Müller himself was “relaxed” on Saturday in the “ZDF” interview. You will see in the coming weeks, when both sides would be assembled. However, the Bayern-Star did not exclude a change abroad. “Package is not a desire for such stories or anything else, you just have to look at the total yield,” said the national player who recently explained to want to play at least 2025 at the highest level.

Bayern Ambiance after goal

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Whether he actually does this with FC Bayern, at least until the summer remains open. At the latest then the rumor bed around Müller is especially cooking. Whether an extension with the service elevators Bavaria professional is then cheaper, should also play a role in the considerations of the responsible persons.

The fact that extensions with players whose working paper occurs 2023 are possible and useful, was last shown at Kingsley Coman, who expanded his contract recently until 2027. Müller will have considered this development with interest.

President Herbert Hainer finally said: “Thomas Müller belongs to FC Bayern as the Frauenkirche to Munich.” All the more the club should endeavor to literally leave the church in the village and quickly send Müller to a clear signal.

Nagelsmann and the Bayern fans may rejoice anyway, if Müller is posing at Instagram and Co. soon – instead of a T-shirt with a 500 on the chest – along with the FCB bosses with a jersey, the back of which is at least one 2025 indicates.

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