WoW Patch 9.2: New consolation prices for big treasury

The upcoming patch 9.2 is supposed to force WoW players to play certain content if they do not feel like it, just to get relevant resources. So far, WoW players in Shadowlands had to be mandatory to Torghast, if they wanted to build a legendary, Since there were only the soul gut and soul ash.

With patch 9.2, therefore, cosmic flux is introduced as a new resource. This will be used, among other things, for the further appreciation of the legendary, but also for the production of animal set items. So that you will not be forced to return to a special content of the game, there are cosmic flux in almost every endgame activity as a reward; Be it world quests, dungeons or the RAID.

Cosmic Flux as a consolation price

And also the developers have thought of the big treasury. There is already the option to decide for the consolation price if there is no one of the items offered. You will then receive three staff signs of the prohibition, with which you can go shopping at the dealer Ko’tul.

WoW Patch 9.2: New Trost Prices for Big Treasury – Cosmic Flux (2) Source: consolation price There you will receive per sign per 500 Stygia, 250 soul ash, 175 anima or 500 cataloged research.

  • And with patch 9.2 Ko’tul now expands its offer even by 500 cosmic flux per sign.

So you get that even if no one of the items is a bit good, a reasonably useful reward.

By the way, Ko’tul also has Korthitt crystals from Patch 9.2. So far, you may only buy these for temporary signs of the temporary sign. From the new update, you can optionally even open 1,500 tap directions per 5 crystals.

The 500 cosmic flux already appear almost too much. Consider that you will then get 1,500 cosmic flux in the week, and only 2,000 for the uphears of a legendary needs and for the production of an animal set item is a maximum of 1,500. On the other hand, however, the consolation price is then a viable price from Patch 9.2. Because we’ll be honest, with 175 anima you will not attract anyone behind the oven and the cataloged research is now collected in no time.

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