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Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) said Global Mobile Games Hitting ‘Summer Nourners: Perforated Arena (Summer Nourners “(Summer Nourners)” said on March 3 that Facebook gaming starts the cloud game service in the United States.

‘Summer Nourners’ is a global stadiser mobile game that is served as a long time since the launch of 2014, as well as Asia, including Korea, as well as North America? Europe, etc., as well as North America?.

The first Global Mobile E sports competition in Korea is held for a 5-year consecutive year, and it is a representative global mobile game IP (intellectual property rights), including achieving the number 130 million cumulative downloads from 90 countries and regions in 90 countries and regions. have.

Com2us expands the cloud game service of Facebook Games, so that more users enjoy the “Summer Nourners”, which is in the world, and to expand Facebook Games, and spread the platform diversification.

This plans to enlarge the service targets to the cloud game market that are available to all of the existing mobile, as well as the PC, as well as the PC.

Especially, the United States, which is conducted by the cloud game service, is the world’s largest game market, and the most common of the “Summer Nourners” global users, and Com2us through this service, It will be aggressively aggressive and will assume that market.

Facebook gaming is a meta’s gaming platform. In October 2020, it will be played directly to the cloud gaming platform and can be played immediately without a separate game installation process. Currently, we are currently being served throughout the United States and will be expanded to Western Europe and Central Europe this year.

Com2us officials said, “The cloud game market, which can play in several devices such as high-quality game content, smartphones, and a large growth is being grown on a large amount of widths,” said the cloud game market is a high accessibility. “In the future, Through expansion, he said, “Summer Nourners will spur to expand its global user.”

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