Ghostwire Tokyo will be published on March 25

Tonight at 23:00 a presentation of Ghostwire Tokyo , the new Gameworks tango for PlayStation will be issued. The great news of this video could be, we imagine, the date of launching the game; We are not going to have to wait for the issuance to meet her, however, because she already tells us the description on YouTube from the direct: March 25.

It is not even hidden; In the first lines of the video description on YouTube you can read the following:

«Face The Unknown in Ghostwire: Tokyo ™, Launching March 25, 2022 on PlayStation® 5 – Pre-Order Today for Bonus Content

If you are going to the calendar and you see that you already had it marked, you are not living a situation type mement: is that PlayStation Store itself had already filtered it, it does not much. In some way, it seems that everyone gives assumption that the game will come out that day although it has not been officially announced.

Advertised in the sweet year 2019, Ghostwire Tokyo is an action game that revolves around a series of mysterious disappearances that begin to happen while the spirits begin to manifest in Tokyo. Following the track of this issue, the protagonist sees how the powers of him are manifest, and he must use them to fight the ghosts.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5

It’s the new Tango Gameworks, the Studio of Shinji Mikami, after the two The Evil Within, and although the terror has a presence wants to be more of action than the previous ones. As Deathloop, it is exclusive of PlayStation even leaving a study owned by Xbox: Tango was one of those who came with Bethesda, of course, as Arkane.

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