Fortnite Leak mocks the new collaboration of Uncharted

A new leak associated with fortnite has advanced that a collaboration with the next inexplain the film could be happening soon. In recent months, fortnite has crossed with numerous television programs and films that have been released. Now with inexplain programmed to get to the cinemas in just a few weeks, it seems likely that this trend will continue, although we are not currently sure how deep this crossover could arrive.

Fortnite x Uncharted COMING SOON! - NEW INFO (Leaks, Challenges, Skins)
Arriving through Hypex, a new fortnite was discovered that today’s escape associated with an event at the end of this month had mentioned inexplate. Specifically, this mention involves a challenge that will be launched on February 17 and will require players to “collect treasures using an unknown treasure map”. This is remarkable because inexplain passes brand new in the cinemas the next day on February 18. As such, this collaboration seems almost guaranteed at the end of this month.

As mentioned, what we are currently not sure is if inexplate will come to fortnite in a way that expands beyond a simple challenge. History would tell us that the addition of some masks based on inexplate characters (namely, Nathan Drake) should be expected in some way. However, this has not yet been discovered that is happening yet.

It is also worth noting that if inexplate ends up coming to fortnite, we currently do not know which version of the franchise could be incorporated. While any link with the film starring Tom Holland would make more sense, there is always the possibility that PlayStation can include a mask of some kind that resembles Nathan Dark of the videogame franchise. After all, the Holland same has already come to fortnite in recent months through a spider-man skin that has its very similarity. Although we have seen characters with the same resemblance to come to fortnite before, it would be a bit strange to have two masks that look like Tom Holland thrown so close one of the other.

For now, much of this inexplain crossing in fortnite is mere speculation, so do not get too excited by seeing Nathan Drake in the Battle Royale shooting game. That said, would you look for buying new masks based on inexplate if you arrive at the items store? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.

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