New Year Record for Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo, whose results continue to grow for more than five years, is already insured to complete a record fiscal year next March.

The three-quarters of the year results are more than positive for the Japanese publisher, the turnover of which is up 26% and operating profit up 40% for the period from April to December 2021. Record results at this stage of the year that we owe as much to the games of games on consoles and PCs that at mobile games ( Sangokush Hadô in the lead). Consequence, Koei Tecmo reached only one year the economic objective he had set in the medium term (over three years).

Results of Koei Tecmo

Period Turnover Operational Profit Net profit
April 2020 – December 2020 340 million euros 150 million euros 178 million euros

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April 2021 – December 2021 | 428 million euros | 210 million euros | 218 million euros

Koei Tecmo communicated the distribution figures of the games released in recent months and it is Project Zero: the priestess of black waters that stands out with 340,000 copies elapsed in the world on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. The future will tell us if this performance has convinced the publisher to start the creation of a new episode. In a row, the role play for the feminine Blue Reflection: Second Light will be content with 120,000 copies despite a global output on PS4, SWITCH and PC. For its part, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires has elapsed at 150,000 copies on its only launch week in Asia.

For the end of the fiscal year, Koei Tecmo still has several cartridges to play to hope to achieve the best possible performance. If Taken Ranbu Warriors (February 17) is likely to be frankly niche outside Japan, Sophie 2 (25 February) could surf the Ryza Record Performance. And of course, Koei Tecmo will recost some of the Gils of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (March 18) whose development is Team Ninja’s work.

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