Fortnite reveals unknown masks

After the rumors that insinuated a next fortnite x inexplate Collaboration before the launch of the live action film, Epic Games confirmed this week that such a crossing is happening. A puzzle presented to the players this week rewarded those who solved it with a trailer who showed masks for Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier of the uncharted games and in the new movie. Complete launch plans for these masks have not yet been shared, and until now we have only seen portable masks, but it is likely that there are more cosmetic than only once the collaboration is available.

The trailer confirmed plans for inexplain The crossing can be seen below. If you want the experience of solving the puzzle yourself to get it as you tried by other players, you can visit the page in the _sitio of fortnite

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_To try to decipher the code and guess the password. Spoiler: It is “sicparvismagna” without appointments.

Complete with a little cinematographic style, we are presented by fortnite versions of Nathan and Chloe. These appearances include not only the versions of these characters who will be in the film, for example, Tom Holland like Nathan Drake, but also the appearance of the characters when they were in the original games of Uncharted.

Epic Games again has not confirmed all the plans for the launches of these masks, but judging by how previous masks have worked with an alternative appearance, we will see the cinematographic versions of these cosmetics launched with players capable of unlocking alternative video game styles (or vice versa). Versa) through challenges or some other means. One would mean that this collaboration would not be limited to the characters masks. The peaks, the Back Bling and more types of cosmetics usually accompany any type of high profile crossover like this, so hope to see them together with these sets each time the collaboration is completely detailed.

That new inexplain is missing less than a week for the film, so also hope to see one or two television ads before it is directed to the cinemas. Things have been shared as posters and advances in preparation for the launch with the film itself programmed to premiere in the cinemas on February 18.

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