New World: Key for the Amrhein

How to get Amrine Tuning Orb New World Key

NEW WORLD: Amrhein Settings Serving serves as a key

The Amrhein expedition is not always open to visitors, as it has a hard door. The first dungeon in New World calls for a special ticket:

  • Pro group and run a specific object is needed to get into the dungeon.
  • This is the AMRHEIN settings sphere. In the course of the quest series (excavated fate), which leads to the Amrhein excavation, players receive their first sphere for free. Later, there are two more spheres.
  • If a sphere was consumed, a sphere is again necessary for the next run.
  • The sphere can be made by yourself, namely on the stonemeatic table with 10x corrupted pieces, 1x chisel (iron), 50x stone block and 1x eternal heart.

After all, only one setting sphere is needed per group, so it is enough if a player is owned by the object. This can help players to find a group as a sphere represents a counterpart, which also depends on the group members. Above all, this helps first visitors who can advertise with the sphere to be taken.

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