Pokemon Journeys reveals a fun new Crossover with Galar

Ash and Goh have been trying to build their Pokémon lists along the Pokémon Journeys series, and in the last episode, the couple met one of the strangest challenges of their individual careers. With an island of Galarian Slowpokes that is coming, Ash Ketchum has suffered a wild transformation while he continues his trip to reach the Galar coach and a unique road trip is just around the corner. Needless things continue to be warming up in the last season of Pokémon.

Of all the Pokémon that have been introduced along the Pokémon franchise, Slowpoke is perhaps one of the strangest, since the lazy pocket monster and with a brain of air is similar to Psyduck in its distancing. In the initial form of Slowpoke, it simply walks through the water and waits for a Shellder to bite the queue to start the following form of its evolution in Slowbro. After this, SlowPoke can evolve once again to use the shell on his head and become slowking, making it even more powerful.

While Ash has certainly been encountered with a good amount of Slowpokes, Slowbros and SlowKings along the Anime Series, the last episode sees Ketchum finding them in a terrifying way when a gallant Slowking closes his shell on his own head. It goes without saying that GOH and ASH traveled to the island to capture one of these ridiculous monsters, but as a result they were dealing with a new type of problem.

The official description of this last episode of Viajes Pokémon is read as such:

«Ash and Goh once visited the Slowpoke Island, the island where the Slowpoke live. Suddenly, “the floating island where Galar Slowpoke lives” collides with them and a herd of Gala Slowpokes led by a Slowpoke gallant disembark. Ash and Goh decide to help the Slowpokes Galar are made friends of the Slowpokes, but once again, the two experience a mysterious transformation. “

when pokemon meets their galarian form????| slowpoke vs galarian slowpoke | Pokémon journeys
Future episodes of viajes Pokémon are preparing the stage for Ash to take a road trip with the current Champion of the Galar region, Leon, while promising to bring the fans some well-known faces of the Switch SWORD & SHIELD game.

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