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※ In the Inn, we will deliver the Taiwan Games Market Report every month. Take a look at the news of the Taiwan Games Market, which is becoming important, The report data provided by Happy Took (HappyTuk, www.mangot5.com), which is doing online / mobile game publishing business in Taiwan.
In 2020, Taipei Games showed that the early opening of Corona trendy was canceled in 2021, followed by the offline parallel to 2022, followed by 2022. In this Taipei game show, 34 companies participated in Korea, and in Korea, Cacao Games, Gravity, and Craftton were participated. Cacao Games has conducted a promotion, such as establishing a large booth prior to the launch of the Taiwan’s launch in ‘Odin: Balla Rising’, and the Craftton prepared offline events related to the Bag Mobile Spiderman Collaboration. In addition, console game developers, such as SIE and Bandai Namco, also participated in Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and Eldon Ring,

In addition, MS’s Activision Blizzard acquisition of January 18th was also a hot topic in Taiwan. In particular, it was interested not only to an amount of XBOX’s XBOX monopoly of the Activision Blizzard, as well as the amount of acquisition of $ 68.7 billion (about 82 trillion won). In addition, MS’s Bradsmith Vice Chairman said on February 9, so that PS would steadily play the popularity of Activision Blizzard in PS.

January Taiwan PC / Mobile Games Ranking ****
Hustain / popularity returned to TOP20, which is back to TOP20,

■ January Taiwan PC game ranking

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Taiwan PC game rankings were ranked first in January, after December, Following Year X Pink Bin Events in December and various winter events, January 12th, on January 12, 2022, the first large-scale update ‘On Air’ released on the first large-scale update ‘On Air’, It is analyzed as being maintained. On December 22, the black desert that was ranked 2nd in Job Reboot is maintaining the top ranking, followed by Maple Story-Diablo, followed by the third place.

In addition, in TOP10, the ranking was not changed, while the ranking of Hauston, which was only a few months, was 14th since the update of January 26. This was due to a 22.2 patch, which has been enhanced by 22.2 patches, which have been conducted on January 26, as well as a full-length card balance patch, as well as a battlefield system, for the battlefield,

■ January Taiwan Mobile Game Ranking

Taiwanese two market popularity ranked ‘Pokemon Yunite’ ranks first. Pokemon Yunight was 5Vs5-MOBA game based on Pokemon, and on July 21, 2021, the Nintendo Switch version released on September 22, on September 22. In Taiwan, the mobile version of the Mobile version is a little late this year, and the existing user, as well as the existing users, as well as other Taiwanese users. After that, Mobile Action News Based on Jin Three Kingdoms Dynasty IP was ranked second in the two marketplace. However, Pokemon Yuan was not climbed to sales ranking, and the Gin Three Kingdoms palace was only ranked 9th in the App Store.

Following, in December, Taiwan Mobile Market Sales has been strong, and Google Play Mobile MMORPG and SLG, the App Store, has a surcing game and character game and action games accounted for sales. First, Lineage W, Lineage M, followed by Google Play 1, 2nd in December, and in the App Store, which ranked 2nd in the App Store, ranked 1 and second in the App Store. This means that the primary event and a false-drawing event with a rehabilitation event with a 2.4 patch. Sales are analyzed as sharp.

January Taiwan Games Industry Major Issues
Taipei Gaming Show, On Opway Conditions / MS’s Activision Blizzard Attention to MS, Taiwan Games

In 2021, in 2022, Taiwan’s largest game show and Taipei Game Show were conducted on the on offline from January 20 to 25th. B2B has been working online from January 20 to 21, and B2C, which has been on the 22th to 25th, was ON, OF line. Omicron trends offline visitors have limited to up to 7,000 per hour.

In this Taipei game show, 34 countries at home and abroad were played, and we showed a variety of works from mobile to consoles. In Korea, Cacao Games is the first overseas market of ‘Odin: Balla Rising’, which is the first overseas market, which is the first overseas market, while the large booth was prepared to invite local popular streams to hold a friendly contest. In addition, Gravity, Craftton, and others operated offline booths to inform their new and collaboration events.

Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, such as the new information of various consoles, and the new fans were announced, and the information on the new fans, “Elden Ring”, also released some of the Taipei Games Show events. The Yasuhirokitio Marketing Manager in Prolessor Software is a time to answer the questions of the fans, appearing on YouTube and twitches of Bandai Namco Entertainment during the Taipei Game Show period.

The Yasuhiro Manager in an interview, Eldden Ring is maintained in the advantage of the previous Souls Souls, as well as an open-world, but also a variety of elements, such as avoiding jumping and recording, and hiding and hiding, making it easy access to I explained that.

▲ Taipei Games showed that the development of the user who replies the question of the user to the user’s question was released.
Meanwhile, prior to Taipei game show, Taiwan’s game was the news that MS acquired Activision Blizzard. On January 18, MS’s Activision Blizzard acquisition amount is a total of $ 68.7 billion (about 82 trillion won), which is also the largest acquisition amount of MS in MS. When the acquisition procedure is complete, MS will come up with Tencent and Sony to reach the world’s third largest game company.

As the various IP games of the Activision Blizzard, such as World of Warcraft and Diablo, this acquisition was also a topic in the Taiwan Gaming System. In addition, it was controversial with the Taiwanese game medium and the user community in the Taiwan Gaming Media and the user community on whether or not to release the Competition Console after completion of the Activision Blizzard acquisition of MS.

In the game community and media, this debate in the community and media, the Buddhist Ms MS Brad Smith Vice Chairman said on February 9, “I know that Microsoft has a title to make a title to the Xbox console and could compromise the opportunity of PS users.” The PS will continue to play the popularity of other Activision Blizzards in addition to the call of duty. “

Taiwan’s new and expectation ****

■ Yu-hee King Master Dual

⊙ Developer: Konami ⊙ Platform: PC, PS, Xbox, Switch, Mobile ⊙ Release Date: January 19, 2022
‘Yu-hee King Master Dual’ is an online game based on Yuhei King Operial Card Games, unlike the previous activities that used offline and somewhat different rules, It is the advantage. In the rumor that the new cards and rules of the original were reproduced online, they have gained a response of users who are interested in the TCG as well as Yu-hee Wang Users as well as Yu-hee Wang Users.

■ Delivery: Gong

⊙ Developer: Pixel Games ⊙ Platform: Mobile ⊙ Release Date: January 6, 2022
Delivery: Gamon is a game that goes out the secrets of Changsu’s secrets while we are freely wandering the world without restricting jobs and weapons, as an Oriental Mobile MMORPG game. It is characterized that not only mobile, but also PC clients, and to overcome the terrain of the troops freely and to be able to reassemble the world, or proceed with free combat according to each situation.

■ Odin: Balmari Rising

⊙ Developer: Lion Heart Studio ⊙ Platform: PC, Mobile ⊙ Release Date: In the first half of 2022
MMORPG, ‘Odin: Balir Rising’, a Nordic Xinhua-based MMORPG, ‘Odin: Balla Rising’ is a work that realizes Kim Bum Art Director’s unique won in Mobile, and a high-quality pool 3D in the Simles Open World Environment, which is simultaneously accessing. In Korea, we recorded the first place in Google Sales 5 consecutive months, and now they are ranked tops.

In Taiwan, we have opened official YouTube from November 19, 2021, and in 2022, we are preparing for the release of the Taipei game show in 2022.

■ Blade & Soul 2

⊙ Developer: NCsoft ⊙ Platform: PC, Mobile ⊙ Release Date: Bull
NC Soft’s new mobile MMORPG ‘Blade & Soul 2’ is a formal subsequent inheriting the PC Action MMORPG ‘Blade & Soul’ released in 2012. It is characterized by a feature that the uninterpreted unprinterpretation of the previous work is regenerated to the mobile. Taiwan service schedule has not been announced yet.

■ Diablo Emo

⊙ Developer: Blizzard Entertainment ⊙ Platform: Mobile ⊙ Release Date: In 20022
The new work that released the story between Diablo 2 and 3, and ‘Diablo Emodal’ ended the ‘Diablo Emodal’ in 2022, and the private test was terminated. Several of the alpha testing has revealed some of the outline of the game through the alpha test, the last private test was released from the last private test to the additional content such as a margin, wizard, demon hunter, monk, temple, 6 jobs, paid goods and set items.

The major billing products released by CBT have reinforced battlefars and monthly liquids, and have also seen users who play in various environments, as well as mobile convenience, including recommended equipment and build provisions. Diablo Emoto is aiming for the launch of the coming from 2022.

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