Nezza Thirts Third Mobile Games Boxing Star More Fierce Rival Mode Update

Nezza Thirts (Representative Han Sung Jin, less than 4:33), updated rival mode on mobile sports game ‘Boxing Star’, Global Services.

In the newly updated rival mode, it is divided into a total of six steps from the rival 1st grade to the final six-step master. Users can use their own characters to expand multiple NON-Player Characters (NPCs) and Daejeon, and convert to the next step by converting attacks, defending, and clear times as scores.

For rival mode, we start a new one week and receives a free challenge once every day. If you want additional challenge, you can purchase a challenge opportunity with game commodity gold.
Boxing Star Equipment Level The top rated transcendental rating was added. The transcendental rating is a higher level of legendary rating, which was the highest level of existing equipment rating, enabling upgrading through the limit of the equipment upgrade system. The demonstration of the potential for breakthrough and the basic ability of the equipment is also upgraded.

Boxing star : Fight New SUP STORY MODE!! Luther’s Loyalty!! (Easy And Difficult) | TonTan channel
In addition, Boss pre-events against a strong villain Boss El Kukui will proceed to March 10th. The users are using three of the characters that they own against El Kuku, and they will be paid by compensation for gold and items in the game when victorying in Daejeon.

The attendance events are also conducted to pay the item in a feminine game such as 2,000 coins, 30 valentine hundreds, gym points, 30 valentine hundreds, gym points, and 30 Astro Omega boxes, only for a total of 7 days to play for a total of 7 days.

Meanwhile, ‘Boxing Star’ is characterized by a simple touch operation and has implemented a jab and hook, and implement a cool strike of a boxing game, and a variety of externalities and ornaments can be changed in accordance with the personality of the user. Currently, we are serving to 140 countries around the world and exceeded 5 million downloads.

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