The new Platinum CEO is open to a business buyback under certain conditions

Last update there is February 15, 2022

Activision and Platinum Games' Infamous Licensed Trilogy

The new PDG of Platinum Games, Atsushi Inaba, has a new vision for the company. The rumors suggest that the studio is not worry as well as they would like, financially speaking – and they seek a way to stand on solid foundations. The transition to a new model for their projects will probably have one, although a business buyback is certainly not excluded.

Platinum Games has an iconic style, that few companies have really been able to reproduce. And although INABA’s new vision would move away the next platinum projects with a level-level game structure, it is always aware of what people want.

To this end, INABA has one thing in mind if Platinum Games had to be redeemed by another company. In an interview with VGC, he mentioned this topic, along with the recent acquisition of Microsoft Blizzard Activision.

“_The most important thing for us is to have the freedom to do the games we want to do,” He said. “If you have not heard about recent acquisitions, I do not think Microsoft will start to activate to take off all their freedom… I do not think it will be a relationship like that.”

“I think there will be a lot of mutual respect and I think Activision will continue to do what they do best. This is also what is most important for us in the end, whatever the form it takes for us and our company. So I would not refuse anything, as long as our freedom would always be respected._ “

As long as this point is maintained intact, INABA stated that it was open to the idea that Platinum Games is acquired by a larger company.

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