NIANTIC, “Pokemon Go Tour” Saints Long-Dynamic Event Information and Compensation Disclosure (Niant) announced on February 26th, “Pokémon Go Tour: Saints” event information and benefits were released on February 26th.

First, long-term research is provided as a result of completion of this limited areas of specially, for the Local Event Ticket holder.

The trainer will start long-term research and challenge various challenges over a long period of time, and with compensation, Shadow Legend Pokemon ‘Shadow Chil Room APEX’ and ‘Shadow Rugia APEX’ are available.

Both Pokemon is a legendary Pokemon ‘Seongjo’ and ‘Rugia’, turned into a shadow Pokemon, and a more powerful skill than the existing technology, boasts high power in the battle.


“Pokémon GO TOUR: Saints” Ticket Buyer, which is held with this February 26, is the gold of the version of the Pokémon Go Tour:

During the event, the trainer has a ticket that is the first to be the first color that the color is different from the other color, Koshan Ho, the gun, Manton (limited version limited), Kokori (limited version limited), and Buki, etc., Other ornaments (G, O, T, U, R) appear emerging.

Also, when you complete the event limited specifications, the color can meet other Gyorados and the fantasy Pokemon Sirby, and you can proceed with long-term research even after the GO TOUR event is terminated.

In addition, it will pay a colorful gift such as a specially compensation for the chilchon wing, Rugua, and the chilly t-shirt (gold version) or the Rugu T-shirt (version).

Outside this execution of the 10 collection challenges, grab a specific Pokemon for the set theme, to complete the challenge, with a variety of rewards, the “great collector medal” level increases and the achievement is given.

In addition, various pokemons are drawn to the percentage day on the day of the event, and the distance required for the album is significantly decreased to 1/4, and the pokemon candy to be obtained by eminating the eggs, and the pokemon candy obtained by emitting the eggs is doubled.

In the shop, you can provide a free box that contains three remote raid passes, turning the gym photo disc to obtain 9 maximum raid paths, and the GO snapshot surprise event proceeds.

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