FC Schalke 04 thinks about personal corrections

After the disappointing appearance at Fortuna Düsseldorf (1: 2) last weekend, the FC Schalke 04 hopes for a turnaround to continue dranzu in the ascent race. Chef trainer Dimitrios Grammozis may make several changes.

In the home game against the SC Paderborn (18:30 clock), the FC Schalke wants to do reconsideration. Above all, a different work setting on the day must be placed in front of everyone’s fans. S04 coach Dimitrios Grammozis had shown “confident” in advance, that his team now shows a “other face”.

Grammozis denkt über personelle Änderungen nach! Das plant der Schalke-Trainer! | S04 NEWS
It is clear: Only with a convincing appearance against Paderborn should also fall silent the critical voices, which continue to hear about the work of the 43-year-old. As “image” reports, the coach takes personally several adjustments.

FC Schalke 04: These options have Grammozis

Grammozis must mainly get his problem zone on the right defense side. New access Andreas Vindheim is missing according to information from disappointing appearances director Rouven Schröder, even indefinitely, also Mehmet Aydin precipitates due to injury.

Although Reinhold RANFTL is likely to return to the squad after being deleted against Düsseldorf for reasons of mental burden. But he is apparently not a candidate for the starting eleven.

According to “Picture” Dimitrios Grammozi thinks about Henning Matriciani or Darko Churlinov as an option for the right wing. Offensive player Marius Bülter, who had to help there against Fortuna, could then act offenders.

In the defensive midfield, Florian Flick or Ko Itura could stand as a substitute for Victor Pálsson in the starting eleven. At the 30-year-old, a tendon blesseur was detected, the risk of a heavier violation was too high to the report.

Winter newcomer Dong-Gyeong Lee could also celebrate for Rodrigo Zalazar in the offensive midfield and celebrate its starting element debut.

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