Avalanche Studios Group: Company works on the biggest AAA

New job offers have surfaced, the rumors to continue to cheer on a unannounced Mad Max 2. This week an image has already emerged, which the fire of the rumor bed has released Mad Max 2.

In addition to this picture, various job offers have appeared in which the biggest AAA Open-World project and an action adventure is spoken. However, it was officially announced but only Contraband.

In the tenders, an animation programmer and a kind of director are searched. The Animation Programmer should be responsible for this:

  • To drive the animation technologies to the edge of their possibilities

This is Avalanche Studios Group
* Find new creative solutions to ensure the desired quality, efficient,
* Successful characters into the different systems to integrate, such as physics, animation, user interface, SFX, VFX, dialogues, etc.
* To produce the whole thing in the Apex Engine

The post of Art Director includes, among others, the following tasks:

  • Team Leader for the visual and artistic direction and quality of the game
  • Distracts the visual design and the quality of the characters
  • Direct cooperation with the Executive Producer

These areas of responsibilities are relatively standardized, which is why you have to go into more detail in order to get to specific games or to exclude them. For example, it is nowhere else talking about co-op elements, but that the game is in pre-production, which excludes the announced Contraband.

In connection with the previously mentioned picture, the suspicion of a second Mad Max hardens. However, the statements of course, as always in such cases, are based on speculation and are to be treated as rumors.

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