Injured by Böller: Top duel food against Münster canceled

The top game of the Regionalliga West between red-white food and Prussia Münster ended on Sunday afternoon with a screed. After Münster had balanced the leadership from the 45th minute in the 73rd minute by Gerrit Wegkamp by Eisfeld (45th), a Böller was thrown on the field.

This exploded exactly in the area of ​​the Prussian spare players. Marvin Thiel immediately gave himself to the ear and had to be treated. As the SCP managers later announced, the 26-year-old defender suffered a bang trauma. Münster’s team doctor Cornelius Müller-Rensmann found in cooperation with another physician after an investigation that Jannik Borgmann (shock) was no longer playful.

These Body Builders Took It WAY TOO FAR..

That’s not RWE! That’s not Hafenstraße!

Eating red-white

On the square Referee Christian Scherper first interrupted the game and sent the teams into the cabins. An interruption of a quarter of an hour has been announced via the stadium speakers. A little later, the interruption was extended for ten more minutes. Ultimately, the game was officially aborted: “The game in food is aborted. Injured players on our side do not allow a continuation under regular conditions,” Münster had relied on his Twitter channel.

“The game is broken… unbelievable, what we have seen here. Instead of a sporty tip on the square, individuals decide to influence the game in unfair and not too tolerant,” RWE said. “We condemn this incident to the harshest. That’s not the harbor road, that’s not RWE,” said Essen’s CEO Marcus Uhlig. “These are scenes that no one wants,” said Münster’s sport director Peter Niemeyer.

Already in the first leg last November, some of the fans of both clubs had beaten over the strands \ – which had a legal aftermath for both clubs. Because of the use of pyrotechnics in the Münster block, the Prussia was occupied by a payment of 1500 euros. Due to similar missing fans, RWE was even sentenced to a fine of 5000 euros.

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