[Review] Renovation for reconstruction of the person, KOF15

Let’s take a more rid of KOF’s horn, next time the graphics

The King of Fighters,

If you were a generation that you have attended the 90s, the generation, no one of the games I’ve been listening to the ‘Games’ at that time, one of the games I’ve heard. Even if it was not an entertainment room, it was a regular place that I could find in a small entertainment in front of the stationery, Even a long time, I heard the sound of the joystick, and I heard the sound of it, and I wonder what I wondered. Following the first series, the Street Fighter, followed by a 2D fighting game, it is also a series that is a series that is rising right away, and still a series of horny collaboration gamers.

As long as there is such a brilliant past, the fans will be disappointed in the situation of the current KOF. So if you look at the SNK’s progress, especially the games developed since the early 2000s, you will see the appearance of games developed in 3D. KOF 14th I would have introduced a unreal engine, but even though it was, it seemed to be a rather regressed in the Hirines Tags Team Frenzy that came out. Nevertheless, the SNK has been preparing a series new in 3D, and has been informed about the presence of a new character trailer. And the fruitful KOF15 was released on February 17th.

The Memories of the Memories, however, that the one who is in the same way, but it was the mind, but the mental of the mental, the command catching the commanding of the ignorant fraudulent decision was tight. Perhaps when DNF dual CBT and period were overlapped when OBT, I did not have a lot of overlapping, I would have been a part of the idea of ​​the end of the word. “I do not think it’s not”, but also, the body is already a feeling of being a combo that is already a command catching.

Why YOU Should Care About KOF XV

Game name : The King of Fighters 15 (The King of Fighters)
Classic name : 3D Fighting Action
Release date : 2022.02.17.


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