The Quarry: The next Supermassive Games at 2K Games?

Although already held on the Saga The Dark Pictures, the Supermassive Games British studio is obviously preparing another secret project. Even if it is a little less now.

It is first of all the discovery of a new brand and a logo on behalf of The Quarry (the quarry) which put the chip in the ear, especially since this title does not correspond to the brands already filed For the future chapters of The Dark Pictures. Information taken, the VGC site discovered that The Quarry would be published by 2K Games for an exit this year. It would be the first time that Supermassive Games works with another publisher than Bandai Namco since the release of Man of Medan in 2019.

What the Hell Happened to Supermassive Games?

Before Bandai Namco and therefore possibly 2k games, Supermassive Games had long collaborated with Sony Interactive Entertainment, giving birth to the good surprise unil dawn in 2015, thanks to which the studio found its way in the cinematographic horror games, then to games PS VR with uneven success (UNTIL DAWN: Rush of Blood, The Inpatient, Bravo Team) Not to help contribute to the Playlink range with Hidden Agenda. Before that, Supermassive Games had developed PlayStation Move games as well as content for the LittleBigplanet franchise or Killzone HD on PlayStation 3.

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