How to get a DAUNT hunting in Horizon Forbidden West?

Hunting grounds check ELA skills in three different tests. The earliest test with which players may encounter is the test in The Daunt. Each test is designed for a while, and to get the maximum number of awards, players will have to complete each of them for the allotted time. DAUNT includes the test of “tear”, “shock” and “shock and trap”. At first glance, this may seem difficult, but there are some simple ways to do all this quickly.

Tears test

The first DAUNT Hunting Trials Test is Tears Test . It makes Eloe shoot from power elements of scraundes and then rob them. Damage Eloe from tears is not too high at the beginning of the game, but one or two fully charged arrows will be enough to knock down the power cell. If players have problems with his discharge, they can use coils To increase their tear damage.

Eloe can choose a specific part of the car, behind which she hunts, and highlight it. When scanning . You can do it, Machine scan and clicking left or right on Crespan To find the desired part, then click Triangle K Label that part. Power cells on scrows can be found on the back side of the car, and if the players have problems with aiming, they stagger it instead. The charged heavy attack temporarily stuns him, and both Ropecaster and Shock Status will make the same after a few shots to bring the scrumger in order to light shots.

Horizon Forbidden West Shock Trial Guide (Hunting Grounds)

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Shock test

The second part of The Daunt Hunting Grounds is shock test . This test requires that an eloe overloaded the power cell of the scrangers to shock machines nearby. It can be difficult, as many cars are usually retreating or even run away, but other scunners attacked elo, easy to catch. The use of scanning can still be useful for players who are looking for a power cell. That shock onions of the warrior This is the earliest weapon that causes the shock that players can get into their own hands, and it is sold in insidious light .

Capture of enemies with channel or Trippatser It will take care that the machines remain immobile enough to use the shock booms on the power cell of the kidnapper. Catch one, and then enter the concentration mode to shock the shock boom into the Skranger power cell. After a few seconds, the power cell will explode, causing damage to machines in a small test radius.

Test shock and trap

For the final test The test shock and trap players must use traps in this area to destroy the cars while they shocked . The easiest way to go through this test is to use a combination trippipaster and the explosion of the power cell of the scranger from entering the shock arrows. A trap with rolling logs is the best trap for the simultaneous destruction of several cars. Using channel on Scrounger, and then use shock arrows to shock several machines before using the trap, is the fastest way to complete this test.

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