LOL: The most rare invoker spell that Riot Games could only use

Each time League of Legends has a problem, we do not hesitate to laugh at Riot Games accusing them from being a small independent company. A few words that today no longer make sense, but that at the time they did not stop being the perfect explanation of the reality of the developer. A situation that, as the game was gaining relevance, forced them to make very creative decisions to continue growing. Among them, the creation of an exclusive invoker spell that could only use the workers of the company **.

Observer, the most rare invoker spell of League of Legends

In this case we talk about the invoker spell called Observer ** (spectator). This had several functions. The first was to reveal the existing war fog on the whole map so that your user could get unlimited vision by jumping the League of Legends rules. A role that was accompanied by several side effects: made the champion disappear that he used it, prevented him from gaining gold and even made him disappear from the score screen throughout the meeting.

The reason why this invoker spell was introduced is the total absence of a spectating mode during the launch season of League of Legends . A lack that forced Riot Games to be something more creative to be able to retransmit some of the items organized as part of the promotional campaign after the launch of the game. A good example was Jonia’s match against Noxus that took place during 2010, long before the competitive one became popular.

This same party reveals another curious detail about this eliminated invoker spell. At first the observers used Teemo for being the mascot of League of Legends at that time, but this invoker spell did not avoid damage, so there were occasions in which the character could die when receiving a definitive one of Karthus This caused Riot Games workers to use Anivia , who with their passive (Renaissance) avoided this type of problem.

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In this way, Riot Games created a provisional spectator mode during the first two years after the launch until premiered its tool to see parties with a motive of the world championship . In this way, when activated the accounts of employees, this effect was granted so that they could exercise as observers, having to direct retransmissions manually as they commented. A power that, of course, was eliminated as soon as the new system was available.

Although the system looks like a fadhouse, the truth is that has allowed to keep alive some of the first moments of League of Legends and was key during those early years. At that time the priority was to fill out content league of content and new characters, so they needed a simple tool, opting for this element delivered exclusively to the company’s workers.

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