PS5: All about the PlayStation VR2 helmet

Sony, however, keeps some surprises for the coming months and should unveil the first compatible games. Still, the specifics of the helmet let a much more advanced model imagine than the original PSR for PS4, and out at the end of 2016.

The PSVR2 put on visual comfort

The PSVR2 intends to erase one of the first reproaches addressed to the original PSVR, whose visual comfort did not allow to spend immersed hours in the virtual worlds at 360 °.

The PlayStation VR2 “is compatible 4K and HDR, offers a field of vision at 110 degrees and offers the Foveal rendering, guaranteeing a high fidelity visual experience. Thanks to its OLED screen, players will enjoy a display resolution of 2.000 x 2.040 by eye and a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz, “says Sony in his official blog.

In addition, cameras fixed on the headsets make it possible to track the movement of the hands and controls in real time, which will erase the connections related to the camera from the PlayStation Move used on PS4 to track the movements of the player.

Important detail, the helmet will be better ventilated to prevent the appearance of fog. “When I started working on the helmet design, I immediately wanted to reach the creation of a ventilation system offering good air circulation, like the grids of Ventilation of the PS5 console. Our engineers have had this idea to improve ventilation and avoid the formation of fogging on lentils, which will offer players a better immersion in their VR games, “welcomed Yujin Morisawa, senior artistic director at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PlayStation VR 2 design revealed
At the same time, an eye tracking system will interact with the elements of the game in certain situations. A technology that also focuses the computing power on the elements watched by the player, in order to save the energy of the graphical processor on the elements that are not regarded.

In this sense, the PSVR2 joins the standards developed for high-end virtual reality masks, such as the valve index helmet or the Cosmos Elite of HTC Vive.

The PLAYSTATION VR2 will also integrate a vibration system in the helmet. The idea being to make some sensations feel during the game, such as the acceleration of the pulse of a character or “a feeling of friction when an object passes next to the head of your character,” says Sony.

Finally, 3D audio will also be offered to strengthen immersion.


The two HAPTIC headlers of the PSVR2 are also inspired by what can be seen in competition. A haptic trigger on each corresponding to the L2 and R2 buttons will offer a slight return of force, as is the case on the Dual Sense handle of the PS5.

Movement sensors based on the six-axis detection system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), as well as a capacitive sensor that detects finger contact with an infrared LED, will improve the follow-up of Position of the hands and fingers, so, for example, to enter virtual objects or catch them. The controllers can be recharged with two built-in batteries and connectable via a USB-C port.

Farewell Cables, One Suffit

Above all, Sony promises to keep a promise that will undoubtedly please play the players who pointed the tedious connection of the first PSVR, where six cables had to be connected before you can play, not to mention the detection system of the movements remote in front of the TV. A discouraging installation that should therefore be resolved, since Sony says only one cable will suffice, allowing to connect the helmet to the console. OUF!

an exit date and a price to be specified

For the time being, no release date has been announced by Sony as to the availability of the PlayStation VR2 or price. However, the specialized press advance an exit for the end of the year 2022, or even 2023, as well as a complete presentation in the coming months, which should also reveal its selling price.

What games for the support?

If Sony still keeps the ads related to the launch games, a first title comes from showcase: Horizon Call of the Mountain. A title developed by Studio Guerilla, which is preparing to launch Horizon Forbidden West at the end of February on PS5. For this new episode, we will find the heroin of this saga, Alloy, who will have to face mechanical dinosaurs again. This is the only formalized game on this support. But no release date has been specified.

Let’s bet that other games could join the PSVR2, we think about Ace Combat 8, whose development was formalized last August by Bandai Namco. The 7th component that shone in particular on PSVR in January 2019.

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