NVIDIA: Big plans for the future around metaver, omniverse and self-propelled vehicles

Only recently did Authorities have crossed Nvidia’s plan to take over Softbank’s arm (we reported). But Nvidia has succeeded without the acquisition of taking the seventh place in the list of the largest companies in the US, e.g. Meta to overtake. But what are the future plans of the graphics card manufacturer? In an interview with Venturebeat, Jen-Hsun Hang is open to the topics of metaverse, omniverse and self-propelled cars: _ “We have a 20-year license for the products of Arm. And we will continue to be the benefits of it and all the markets Use. This is the plan: continuing CPUs, GPUs, and DPUS (Data Processing Units) “_, Huang said in the interview. But Nvidia’s future also deals with new technologies. This includes your 3D omniverse platform. This is largely used to simulate and test scenarios before being implemented in production in the real world. For this reason, it is often associated with the metaver – or at least the potential to create realistic 3D environments.

Currently this service seems to be very much used by companies. _ “They use it to match designers and engineers. They simulate logistical department stores, simulate factories. They use it for creating synthetic data because we simulate sensors physically and accurately. You could use them to simulate data that can be used for the training of AIS collected by radar systems and naturally cameras “_, so Huang about the possibilities of omniverse.

But Nvidia wants to be far more than a simple graphics card manufacturer. The CEO is very sure that Nvidia’s future is at autonomous vehicles. Huang does not speak of road vehicles as those of Tesla, but of robots, which work, for example in a department store or perform deliveries for short distances: _ “They are called AMRS (automated moving robot). You could use them in closed factories and So you could move goods or inventory. You could use them to transport goods over the last mile, like Neuro and others do it. […] All these applications are implementable as long as you do not promise too much. “_

Huang repeatedly emphasizes how important this department will be for the future of the company. _ “And I think it will give countless applications for self-propelled vehicles – this is a safe thing. This year will be the turning point in the topic of automated driving. This year will be crucial for us. And next year everything will be much bigger, And in 2025 we want to publish our own software, in which we share the revenue with the car manufacturers. “ He continues: ” If the license costs $ 10,000, we share 50-50. If it is a one ABomodell of $ 1,000 or $ 100 per month: We share 50-50. I am pretty sure that self-propelled vehicles become one of our biggest businesses. “

The Metaverse Begins: NVIDIA Omniverse and a Future of Shared Worlds


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