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At the Bremer SV, the trouble from last week is likely to be g1. While the classprimus last remained at the 0-0 against the OSC Bremerhaven for the first time without their own goal success, the BSV-Torgmaschinery against the Tus Schweshausen ran back in full swing. Total nine times the ball fought in the net of the households. Against a completely overwhelmed weakhouse behind team, the game was decided before the pause tea. Matar (14.), Kurkiewicz (15.) and Diop (24./33.) Set the course for the season victory number 18. And even after the side, the tingger of the guests was far not stilled, especially those of Mamadou Ibrahima DIOP. The attacker immediately achieved his third goal of the afternoon and 17th matches in the current season (47.). The TuS Schwausen, on this day simply and seizures not competitive, did not find a means of curbing the offensive power of the Bremer SV. Thus, an attack after another rolled onto the TuS-defensive. Consequently, the classprimus screwed the result mercilessly to the height. First, Matar (56.) and warm (58.) were allowed to network two more times for the BSV within a very short time before the Suljevic substituted to the hour mark sealed the 9: 0 final score (70./88). For the Bremer SV this was after the 10-0 against the BSC Hastedt on the 13th match day, the second highest season win. The best Oberliga offensive in Germany is now in incredible 93 goals after 20 games.

Fourth victory in series: Hatedt approaches the saving shore

Speaking of BSC Hastedt: How the team of Ugur Biricik currently occurs, so no one would probably counted a few weeks ago. At the turn of the year, the BSC was still exhausted at the table end of the Bremen league with only six points. Well, just a few weeks and four victories in series later, HasteDt has hoped for hopes of the league. In the basement duel with the HAVEHOUSER FV, the hosts had the longer breath and win thanks to a last minute hit by ERTAN KILIC 3: 2. The spectators got two basic match halves to see. During halftime one was blessed only by a few highlights, the second pass had properly in itself. In an open exchange with a lot of offensive urge on both sides, the ball fiddled four times in the net within 20 minutes. First, it was the home owners who went through Yesilyurt (57.) and Troue (68.). This was not a long duration. Only seven minutes later, the two-goal lead was already there again. Multiple (71., Fe) and Pröpper (75.) equal to HSV. As a result, it looked as if both teams had already shot their powder for this day. But then Erstan Kilic became the matchwinner. The trained defender got a bit too much place in front of the opposing goal and squeezed the ball for a lot of rejuvenated 3: 2 victory hit over the line. Due to the last minute victory, HasteDt’s distance shrinks to the saving shore on manageable three points.

Strong support also received HatedT from the competition. Both the Blumenthaler SV and the Third Guard of the SV Werder Bremen went out in the stranger empty. Blumenthal defeated SV Hemelingen 1: 3. Werder III also lost 1: 3 against the Tus Komet Arsten. In the table tool field, the SFL Bremerhaven and the FC Union 60 Bremen separated with 2: 2. Draw also ended the game between the ESC Geestemüde and the OSC Bremerhaven (1: 1).

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Brinkum sticks Bremer SV to heels – Aumund veg’s bag can breathe

The Brinkumer SV also became familiar torhungry, made the KSV Vatan Sport already on Saturday afternoon with 5: 0 and sticks to the class Primus Bremer SV with the heels. As so often this season, the game was almost as good before the break. On the hits of Wang (3rd, 30th) and Kujabi (26th) followed after the sideways two more from Janssen (57.) and Gräller (87th) for a total of highly deserved 5: 0 home win. Brinkum is thus only two points behind the table tip.

Meanwhile, the SG Aumund vegesack drove three immensely important counters in the fight for the league. Against the BTS Neustadt, the team Björn Krämer played a 2-0 pause guide, the delle in the final chord of the game was still due to a hit by ex-sprinter Fabian Linne. In the relegation battle, the SGAV can get some air for the time being. The upholstery to the stroke is solid five points.

The Lehr Turnerschaft also looks back on a successful weekend. Against undertake Borgfeld, the team of Dennis Ley celebrated a 4: 0 victory and nests in the upper table half.

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