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Roman Abramovich can be pretty proud of his intrepid daughter Sofia. The 27-year-old, which lives predominantly in London, posted on Instagram a round warning sign with a crossed-out photo of Russia’s aggressor Vladimir Putin. She wrote: “The biggest and most successful lie of Kremlin propaganda is the statement that most Russians are behind Putin.”

Now, however, it is so that your billion-heavy father is said to be quite connected to the Kremlin. What Roman Abramovich persists persistently.

Nevertheless, his name is on a list of Putin Critic Alexei Nawalny’s Putin Critic’s Putin Critic. This list includes the names of 35 oligarches called Nawalny as “key figures of Putin’s Kleptocratic System”.

Roman Abramovich’s daughter Sofia, 23, flaunts lavish lifestyle with horses, holidays and

And because in the British Parliament has been discussed intensively about sanctions against the oligarchs living in the United Kingdom in the past few days, Abramovich has now started the flight forward.

“I have transferred responsibility and care for the FC Chelsea’s benevolent Foundation of Chelsea,” said the 55-year-old on Saturday in a statement on the homepage of the Club World Champion.

Chelsea statement leaves interpretation

This is a turf, a huge for FC Chelsea, which Abramovich took over as the club owner in 2003 and in which he has since invested almost two billion euros.

At first, whether Abramovich is permanently or only temporarily from the operative business of the blues, or whether he plans to sell FC Chelsea. He has always seen “as a protector of the club” and “make decisions always in the best interest of the club. I remain committed to these values”.

An indication of how and whether Abramovich possibly communicates to the Kremlin, the statement that the club published on Sunday released the conflict in the Ukrainian. All 24 words brought the World Cup winner to “paper”. Neither the word Putin nor the word Russia must be read in the opinion.

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