PlayStation VR 2: ReleaseMin allegedly lacted

PlayStation VR 2 could appear in the first quarter 2023 . This message comes from the Youtube channel “ PSVR Without Parole ” and would mean that VR fans would have to wait about one year on the second VR glasses of Sony. The channel has already predicted in the past correct announcements in the industry, for example, the Horizon VR spin-off named “Call of the Mountain”.

PlayStation VR 2 – What information is there?

The PSVR 2 has been a topic more often in the past few weeks on our website. Only last week Sony had shown the design of virtual reality glasses in a blog entry. In addition, a leader had recently called the period September or October 2022 with respect to the PSVR 2-release. The current rumor would contradict this information. The reason for this discrepancy is relatively obvious:

PlayStation VR 2 only 2023?

According to Leak, the number of available playstation 5 consoles is still too low to justify the publication of the add-ons. Only when enough PS5 consoles are in circulation, you want to launch the VR headset, which is coupled to the console. Currently it is still very difficult to buy conventional and spontaneously a PlayStation 5. A price for the PlayStation VR 2 is currently not officially known.

PlayStation VR 2 design revealed

The SPECs for the VR add-on for the PlayStation 5 have already been announced. 4K and HDR are on board from the beginning in the new glasses. A concrete “software line-up” is not known again. Individual titles like Horizon: Call of the Mountain , however, have already been officially confirmed.

Since Sony has recently been pronounced numerous information about the PlayStation VR 2, we may not have to wait too long until there are tangible news about the release date. The anticipation should certainly rise by VR girlfriends and friends.

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