A trailer for Shibito Magire, the successor of Death Mark and NG

Soon 4 years after NG, the Studio Experience will reconnect with the horror game. As a prolonged gestation since its September 2019 participatory financing campaign and after a few months late on its initial release date, Shibito Magire is now a launch on September 15 in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Accompanied by a song by Murasaki Hotaru, this trailer does not allow any doubt about the links that the game maintains with Death Mark and NG, the two previous horror games of the studio out at home under the Label Spirit Hunter. It is known, however, that Shibito Magire intends to evolve the formula, for example, for example screen displacements by screen in subjective view by an exploration in lateral view. A change of perspective that we do not see in this video, which highlights the characters in history, some of whom already met in Death Mark and NG.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark - Gallery: Spirit (All Spirits Showcase & Spirit Files / Lore)

As in the latter, the player will often have the opportunity to choose with whom he decides to conduct the investigation in this haunted school, the kind of choice that could have many consequences for the chances of survival of everyone but also on access to certain places. If it is essentially a narrative game, Shibito Magire also incorporates elements inspired by table role plays, such as the characters’ statistics that affect the success rate of certain actions. Horror and suspense enthusiasts will turn in any case towards Aksys Games, who had located the Death Mark and NG but has not yet announced about Shibito Magire.


Shinigami: Shibito Magire – Trailer

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