Halo Poster celebrates Master Chiefs debut in Paramount +

The live action AUREOLA The series will be released in a few weeks, and Paramount + has launched a new incredible poster to generate anticipation. A trio of poster revealed last week focused on Spartan Silver Team, but the latter focuses directly on the protagonist of the Master Chief series, who will be interpreted in the program by Pablo Schreiber. He is a fantastic image and does a wonderful job when transmitting how faithfully the character will be seen in the program. The colorful of the poster also seems a reminiscence of the art of the Halo Comics of Alex Maleev.

Readers can see the new poster for themselves on the Tweet embedded below.

There is a lot of expectation ahead aureola the debut of! Historically, video game adaptations have had a mixed reputation in terms of quality and fidelity to its original material. However, that trend seems to be changing big. Hollywood has realized that it can have a great success by offering movies and television programs that are kept faithful to the games that inspired them. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, Sonic Erizo and inexplain All have been box office successes, while offering a lot so that players enjoy. It remains to be seen if aureola will follow that trend, but Paramount has already renewed the series for a second season, showing enough faith in the product.

While Halo’s video game developer, 343 Industries, is closely involved with the production of the program, the transmission series will not take place in the same universe. The show will take place in what is called the “silver timeline”. Since _Halo: evolved combat launched in 2001, the official canon of Halo has included video games, books and comics. The writer of the community of 343 Industries, Alex Wakeford, has said that maintaining separate continuities will allow the program to take “dark things from the universe expanded to the foreground”. That perspective on its own should be exciting for halo fanatics for a long time!

Aureola will be released exclusively in Paramount + on March 24.

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+
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