Writer George R. R. Martin, who created the world view of “Elden Ring”, is honored to be a contribution-to contribute

George RR Martin on Elden Ring
The Open World RPG “ Elden Ring ” held by the From Software has been popular, and he has been popular, such as the popularity of the United Kingdom package week sale chart. In many criticisms and blessings, George R. R. Martin, also blogs the success of this work with the blog “NOT A Blog”, the SF / fantasy writer, which is involved in the construction of the view of the world.

Mr. George RR Martin is also known for writing “Ice and Flame Songs”, which became the original of “Game of Slones”, and the Blog of July 18, 1821, 2011 So, when you requested the work of the world viewing of this work from Miyazaki Hidaka and your colleague, you are not a video game fan, but to create a world that resonates with a deep and dark mind, although it is not a video game fan. It was said that it focused.

This time, the blog is updated on February 28, 2022 after the release. As we were involved in this work, it has been involved in objectively, but there are many wonderful evaluations, and Miyazaki Hidaka Game Designer has developed this game with the strong will to create the best game As it is connected to this evaluation, he met them and he is honored to be a great contribution to create a wonderful world and made this work in a slightly contributing.

“Elden Ring” is on sale for PC (STeam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE.

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