Elden Ring: Do we have the first not

Even though it looks ridiculous on his little horse, Radahn is a unpredictable chief who has a series of movements that challenge patience in Elden Ring. Depending on your location, he will be able to do a lot of damage, since he is able to attack so much body and at a distance. The fight is hard and the error is penalized.

However, there are different methods to kill him, either with the help of torrento or even using golden invocations like Blaidd to try to keep him busy. Faced with this challenge, Sardoche, a non-French Hitter (or French Chusé, as you prefer) could offer a spectacular performance.

Sardoche could have scored a record in Elden Ring

On February 26, Sardoco managed to defeat Radahn. The truth is that it is not surprising, because several people managed to pass it, but the French Streamer, on the other hand, knew how to do it with a raised approach: He left with a duty character of his level and without the optimized team.

At the moment, nothing calls into question the word of Sardoche on the feat of him from being the first of the world to do something like that. Given the complexity of him, on the Internet he would have been visited the information if a person as determined as Sardoche had passed her before him.

So to speak, Sardoche got into the wolf’s mouth with aimmetic as a weapon and a simple trousers like armor. However, as we could say a little earlier, the first world in no-hit could already have earned another person.

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This is where there is a nuance, because Sardoche killed the boss in a no-hit , yes, but he did not take advantage of the tools that the game put to him to facilitate the task; Therefore, he did it without using invocations, magic, offensive accessories and less even invoke another player to help him.

Therefore, in the manner of him, Sardoche holds the word of being the first one in no-hit, no-magic and no-invocation with this enemy. We can applaud him by the feat, in any way.

If you stay stuck in a boss, do not hesitate to consult all our tips to try to spend it by limiting the damage. We do not guarantee that you spend it without success, because everything will depend on you.

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