Here the advance of the next chapter of Attack on Titan

With each week passed, we approach more and more at the end of _ Attack on Titan _. Each new chapter of the fourth and last season has been an emotional trip for all fans, especially for those who have not read the manga. In this way, The next chapter teaser prepares us for a conflict that involves all the characters we love.

Recently, the teaser of chapter 84 was released for all the public. This chapter bears the name “Night of the End”. Here, Mikasa and the final members of the Scouts that are still on his side have joined the remains of the Marley Forces , since they are now preparing to move forward and somehow challenging Eren.

Chapter 84 of attack on Titan will be transmitted next Sunday, March 6 , and you can enjoy it by means of platforms as Crunchyroll. Without giving Spoilers, it will be interesting to see how MAPPA will adapt the controversial outcome of this story. We just have to wait and see.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3: Marley's Warrior Unit
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Editor’s note:

Attack on titan is one of the most important animes of recent years. The popularity of this adaptation was surprising, and caused more than one person who does not see anime, gave this story an opportunity and his characters. It will be sad to say goodbye to Eren and company in a few weeks.

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