Ghibli movies return to the cinema with additional content

Studio Ghibli is a company that is proud of its past. Although how do you live? , The next Hayao Miyazaki movie that will be released in 2022, is an extremely important project, this year we will also see the opening of the company’s thematic park. Along with this, it has been revealed that some of the most iconic tapes in this study will be released once again in international cinemas , and will have additional content.

Recently, this study announced the Ghibli Fest 2022, which will take films such as the viaje of Chihiro, Princess Mononoke, my neighbor totoro and more to the cinema halls of North America in the coming months. These are the date:

  • The Princess Mononoke (25th anniversary) – 3, 4, April 6

-Ponyo – 15, 16, May 18

  • The return of the cat (20th anniversary) – June 26 and 27

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  • Kiki: Deliveries at home – July 31, 1 and 3 August

  • Remember of yesterday – August 28 and 29

  • _The incredible vagabond castle – September 25, 26 and 28

  • The trip from Chihiro – October 30, November 1 and 2

Next to this, is talked about new and exclusive content that will only be available in these versions of the films . At the moment, the details of this additional content are unknown. Similarly, considering that much of the Studio Ghibli catalog is now available on platforms such as Netflix and HBO Max, it will be interesting to see if the aggregates will be sufficient to take the public to the cinemas.

At the moment there is only a premiere in North America, that is, the United States, and probably Canada, and is currently unknown whether these versions of the films will arrive in Mexico , or another region in the world in a later date. We hope to soon have more information about it.

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