Steam Deck update solves one of its biggest problems

The new Steam Deck system of Valve is now in the hands of many who were in the first round of anticipated orders and has been well received so far, but it was not exempt from problems. That is, some people reported that their devices suffered one of the most common problems that affect new consoles and controllers: adrift joysticks. People shared evidence that this happened after trying Steam Decks and noted that the cursors and the views of the camera moved without them doing anything, but apparently that problem was solved.

Lawrence Yang, a designer of Valve who worked on Steam Deck shipping, commented on the problem of drifting the stick this week after users start talking about the problem. People wondered if they would have to send their Steam Deck units so that it will be repaired or replaced them, which would naturally mean having to wait a lot more to use Steam Deck unless a replacement will be delivered immediately, but it seems that people do not You will have to worry about that. Yang said that the problems reported were the result of a dead zone regression of a previous update and that a solution for the problem has already been published for users to download it.

After doing so, he reasons that he should not have so many drift problems, if he has them. The fact that it was a dead zone problem and not a problem with the physical aspects of Steam Deck meant that the solution could be thrown rapidly instead of long repair times.

Valve just FIXED the Steam Deck's BIGGEST PROBLEM!
Those waiting and replacement waiting times are the ones we have seen with other problematic devices such as Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite controllers, where people often had to send their consoles if they wanted to solve the problem. The guarantees, the risk of receiving another defective unit and other considerations made it a frustrating process for Nintendo users, as well as for those who experienced the drift in things like the new DualSense controller of PlayStation 5, so the solution of Steam Deck is quite convenient in comparison even if the problem could have braked the reactions of the new buyers.

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