The planet of apes 4 running with Wes Ball Hollywood Reporter director: shooting in 2022

The planet of the apes 4 will soon be a reality. This hHollywood Reporter been confirmed by the president of 20th century studios in a recent interview with the medium The Hollywood Reporter (via Collider), ensuring that Planet of the Apes 4, a quarter of the saga started in 2011, is about to to start its production. So much so, that Elrodaje would start at the end of this year under the direction of Wes Ball with a premiere planned between 2023 and 2024. All this after the acquisition of Fox by Disney, a company that hHollywood Reporter between its plans to revitalize So popular cinematographic franchise.

Science fiction postpocalyptic with apes

Thus, Disney intends to give continuity to the saga initiated in 2011 with the origin of the planet of the apes with James Franco and Andy Serkis giving life to the iconic Simio C├ęsar, which later would become the leader of the rebellion of the Apes in The dawn of the planet of the apes 2014 and The War of the Planet of the Apes of 2017, both directed by Matt Reeves, director of the New The Batman.

“We are waiting for the draft script, we believe that we will have it very soon. The team hopes to start shooting it at the end of summer, perhaps at the beginning of autumn. Wes Ball will be responsible for directing it, “says Steve Abell , maximum responsible for 20th Century Studios through an interview in which he hHollywood Reporter also highlighted the production of Avatar 2 by James Cameron.

For now there is no information about the distribution or history that a quarter of which hHollywood Reporter a definitive title either. Wes Ball is responsible for the trilogy MAZE RUNNER , work that hHollywood Reporter been valid to draw the attention of the producers of Planet of the Apes 4 for, possibly, to direct a new trilogy of which he also would be in charge to write At the moment there is no concrete releHollywood Reportere date for a quarter of the planet of the apes.

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