How to get to the Lennes Rise Tower Tower in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Get Into LENNE'S RISE TOWER

In Elden Ring, players will face several areas in which you cannot get due to the magic door blocking the input. Lenne’s Rise Tower Tower is one of such areas located far in the east in Caelid. Gate locked with blue magic, but there is an alternative way to climb the tower.

After achieving Dragon Kurgan Greyolla Players need to activate Site of Grace in front of Lifting Tower Lenna . You will notice Spiritual source is on the right side of the tower. Go to the airflow and jump on it riding a horse. The spiritual source allows players to make a huge jump on horseback, and this can be used to access the tower.

When the spiritual source thumps you into the air, make a double jump with a torrent to land on the stone platform in the tower. As soon as you manage to land on the platform, get off the horse and climb to the top of the Lenne’s Rise Tower tower. At first, climb the stone platform can be difficult, and you may have to try it several times.

Players will find Stone memory inside a treasure chest at the top of the Lenne’s Rise Tower Tower. You can use it to increase the memory slot to explore more spells and witchcraft. As soon as you finish the ladder, descend from the tower on the stairs or just quickly achieve to the place of grace.

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