The update of the Sims 4 plans to solve the problems of my wedding stories

The Sims 4 The newest game pack called “My wedding stories” is available, and along with wedding customizations and other options that you brought, it also brought a couple of errors and other problems. Players have been reporting those problems since the launch of the DLC, and this week, Electronic Arts commented on the “main concerns of the community” and said it has an update on how plans to launch a series of improvements for My Wedding Stories.

The last EA publication on the laundry list addressed some of the main problems that players have identified with this DLC. Walking down the hall in a DLC with a wedding theme is a pretty important part of the Game Pack, so, naturally, solving the problems with that is a high priority on the list of things to do.

That list of incoming corrections can be seen below by courtesy of the blog post of the laundry list:

The Sims 4: Stories of my wedding Arrangements

  • Please update Take Seats for receptions and avoid blocking other activities led by players
  • Walking through the hall settings
  • Invites Sims from both sides of the wedding, no matter what SIM is planning the event.

* Guests arrive with their appropriate clothes.
* The dress of the guests remains selected after closing and reopened Wedding Planner
* Improvements at the Meeting of Sims for dessert time.
* Improvements at the Meeting of the Sims around the cake.
* The amount of time needed before the wedding cakes are spoiled.
* Pastry ornaments no longer float
* The cake model is correct after cutting it and serving it.
* Settings to the animation passionate kiss
* MyShuno Meadows Center Park of San Myshuno appears on the list of places for weddings
* Improvements at dancing as a couple

EA said that there are actually two updates planned for this DLC with wedding thematic. The first one will be launched before the one described above with the most detailed list of corrections that will be launched later.

The Sims 4 The new wedding DLC ​​was first announced at the beginning of February and it was supposed to leave before the actual release date, but was delayed due to a problem with a regional launch.

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